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Ensign Zander Prime

Name Zander Prime

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5’11
Weight 167
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Zander could be described as ‘skinny’. He is average height and rather thin, yet physically strong. He keeps his hair short, but not completely shaved. Some of the time he sports a goatee, but most of the time he is clean shaven.


Spouse No spouse
Children No children
Father George Prime
Mother Penelope Prime
Brother(s) No brothers
Sister(s) No sisters
Other Family No other family members

Personality & Traits

General Overview “A young officer capable of great things.” a former Commanding Officer once described Zander Prime. He hopes to live up to those expectations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Zander is a great officer and terribly loyal.
He is a bit of a ‘nit pick’ when it comes to jobs, and wants anything he is involved with done right and to the letter.
He can be too hard on himself sometimes, and regularly does jobs that he could delegate to his subordinates.
Ambitions Though not terribly ambitious at the start of his career, Zander would like nothing more than to climb the career ladder over time.
Hobbies & Interests Zander is an amateur snorkeler and usually spends his free time on the holodeck exploring Earth’s Great Barrier Reef and Vulcan’s Grand Aquatic Shell Cave. When he isn’t snorkelling he is trying to learn how to develop his career as a Starfleet Officer.

Personal History Zander Prime, 27 years old.

Born in February 2349 in North Cauldwell, New Jersey. Unlike most young officers, his parents had never been involved in Starfleet. They ran a chain of successful pastry stores in and around New Jersey “Big Time Primes”. They were disappointed when Zander chose a career in Starfleet, but supported his choice.

Zander attended the Academy between 2367 and 2371. His main studies were around intelligence gathering and distribution. Some minor studies were in shuttlecraft piloting and weapons.

2371 - Ensign. His first ship was the USS Prague. He served as personal shuttle pilot for Captain Andromeda Black for 12 months. Black being former Starfleet Intell herself saw a sparkle of something special in Prime. After they engaged in an illicit affair that turned sour, Zander put himself up for transfer.

2372 - Ensign. USS Delaney under Captain Ashok Chandra. Served as intelligence officer for 2 years. Standing out in the crowd was a struggle onboard the Akira-class starship. However, Zander served with pride and dignity.

2374 - Lieutenant JG. USS Aluko under Captain Subra T’Luk. Served as Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer. Still feeling that he wasn’t reaching his potential, he only stayed onboard Aluko for three years.

2377 - Lieutenant. Currently serving under Captain Dick Sprague as Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Albion.
Service Record 2371 - USS Prague - Shuttle Pilot

2372 - USS Delaney - Intelligence Officer

2374 - USS Aluko - Assistant Chief Intel Officer

2377 - USS Albion - Chief Intelligence Officer