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Lieutenant Baylen Anders

Name Baylen M Anders

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Risan
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6’0
Weight 176
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Height: 6'0"
Weight: 176 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Length of Hair: Short to mid length wavy
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Tanned
Birthmarks, Scars: None
Build: Athletic
Face: Slim, Slightly Rounded, deep brow with a perfect hire line.
Mouth: Normally Smiling and Grinning, (Very Kissable)
Poses: Tends to keep his arms crossed on his chest. When sitting down he tends to sit on his with his right leg bent and his foot under him.
Carriage: Up right, and proper. When walking Baylen almost has a little hop in his step. He can often be found on the Bridge or in Ops with arms crossed watching reports flash across the screen or holding a cup of tea or coffee and leaning against ans console.
Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Anything outdoorsy mostly, Loves Dark Jeans, and grey or black t-shirts. Often Baylen will sport a turtle neck when going out for drinks. Most of his cloth are dark colors unlike most of his kind.
Shoes: Brown Leather Slip On's or Black Boots, Baylen has a pair of white strapped fabric gym shoes he uses for running or working out. He also has a pair of boat deck shoes for sailing or playing about the beach.
Voice: Sweet, but firm. Has very proper English
Handedness: Right


Father Xingul Linnaeus Leng
Mother Dr. Alia Anders
Brother(s) Mekial Anders

Personality & Traits

General Overview When Baylen was seventeen years old his mother and father picked up and moved to Earth, they opened a Risan Spa in the Trade District of New Orleans LA. He grew into maturity in the New Orleans culture, the Anders have a beautiful plantation in the Garden District, learning a lot of Earth ways and falling deeply in love with New Orleans. He attended the Tulane University School of Therapy, getting a degree in Therapy, he worked long hours in the Paradise Point Resort, he was able to use the Resort for his internship.

After graduation from Tulane, he took on a full time roll in the spa. He saw the spa grow from a small three-room spa to one with over a hundred massage suites, two pools and several hot tubs. A gym was added and a few bars and other such services where added. People from all over earth came to taste a little of Risa right in their back yards. Once the Spa was a major success, three hotels and condos were built along with Gardens and open-air shopping courts.

The spa is now the largest resort on Earth and one of the largest in the sectors. There is even a second Sisko's locations in one of the Casinos, along with a replica of Quarks from Deep Space Nice Space Station. Right in the center of the compound is the largest Holodeck on Earth, being over six stories tall. He loved the Spa and loved being a part of its growth, he took great pride in the family business.

Working with a great many Star Fleet Officers. He fell in love with a Cadet in the Academy. Benjamin Johnson, Ben and Baylen spent a lot of romantic nights together walking the streets of New Orleans and going to bars, or to a dinner or a play. The time he spent with Ben was like magic. There love lasted three beautiful years. Baylen was deeply in love and was about to ask Ben to marry him, but Ben transferred to the Livingston for the last part of training and did not get the earth assignment he thought he was going to have. So ended there long romantic and passionate love affairs.

After a great heart break, Baylen closed off and lost interest in his work at the spa. He wanted to get away and he opened his own shop on Earths space dock and had a few flings here and there. But nothing like that of Ben. After his year on the space dock He made the decision to join Star Fleet.
Ambitions Command
Hobbies & Interests When he is stressed out he enjoys a hot long bath to relax. He fills the tub with Risa Bath Salts and lavender. Puts on some New Orleans Jazz and then sinks into the tub, closes his eyes and naps to let all the stress float away.

Service Record Baylen enlisted into Starfleet and went to the Yeoman's Academy in Atlanta GA. After Basic Training at the Defenses Force School is Milwaukee WI, he went into what is called A school, at the Yeoman Academy Training Center back in Atlanta for a ten-week course. After his graduation, he went to a finishing school in Rome Italy where he was tested with all levels of advanced training, then he moved back to New Orleans, where he was assigned to work in the Command Center for Planetary Defenses.

Being at the CCPD, he was able to track a lot of info, he still loved and longed for Ben, so he would check from time to time to see where the Livingston was. He noticed that after a year or so he stopped checking and started moving on with his life, thanking of Ben less and less.

While in his role as a Marine Core Lt. General, general aide, he attended Louisiana State University (LSU) Geaux Tigers... He graduated with honors in Public Administration. This degree entitled him to a shortened stint at the Academy. He requested to attend the Academy and was granted admission after Lt. General Paul Housman wrote and letter of recommendation.

He got to work with a lot of Ambassadors at the Command Center for Planetary Defenses. At any time of the day there is between ten to twenty Ambassadors there and there are also four permanent Federation Council Members that manage the day-to-day operations of the Command Center. After the Dominion War, the Federation took Command and Control of Planetary Defenses out of Star Fleets control. It now ran by a political body. Baylen was assigned to a Council Member General, he worked with her for almost a year until she returned home to Bajor, then he started working with her replacement to bring him up to speed. He really enjoyed his time at the Command Center for Planetary Defenses in the French Quarter of New Orleans, It kept him close to home and he got to work with a lot of the who's who of the Federation and learned a lot about different command styles.

While Stationed at the C.C.P.D. he learned more about diplomatic diplomacy then he could have ever leaned with ten years at the Academy just studying Diplomacy. So, when he decided to join the Academy, he was a bit sad to be leaving such a great place behind but he did have high hopes that he would make it back to C.C.P.D. someday. Maybe even as its Star Fleet Commanding Officer and Chief of Staff. The thing he will remember most is Giant Block of Cheese Day hosted by Councilmen Ford, once a year. Bringing in anyone and everyone once a year and letting them have the ear of the Command Staff.

While at the Academy he only needed his 3rd and 4th year studies because of his education and his enlistment before the Academy. But he opted to do the full four years in order to learn everything that he wanted to. It was a fun time for him, he was among some of the greatest cadets at the Academy. He was asked to join the Red Squad. But after a month in the Squad, he quit it knowing it was not for him, but he maintained a close contract with some of its members one of them being James Thorn, who is now a Lt. Commander and in Command of the USS Tribal. Baylen spent a lot of time studying command systems and the art of command. He read mission logs from all the great Star Fleet Captains. He became thrilled with the Captain Archer files on the NX-01 missions. He turned the logs into printed leather-bound books, a seven-volume set. One for each year he was in command of the NX-01. He has kept the books and still refers to them to this day.

He focused on his study's and did not focus on his love life, but at times this was very hard. In his third year he ran into Ben, he was back home and visiting the Academy, he dropped in to say hello. The two went out for drinks and a night on the town. The next day Baylen felt that same pain as he watched Ben leave yet again. One month later he heard that the Livingston was lost with all hands, his great love was gone forever. After four years he was finally Commissioned as an Ensign under the hand of Vice Admiral Sonssa, Commandant Star Fleet Academy.