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Crewman Sol Silva

Name Sol Silva

Position Yeoman

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 210
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Flat line of hair but quite long. Sol has a slight yellow tone of skin colour and a look of mystery in his sunset eye. He has no facial hair and no stubbles either


Spouse Syfr - Vulcan Male - Boyfriend
Father Gasper Silva
Mother Esther Silva
Brother(s) Cruz Silva
Other Family Starfleet Captain Hyfn
Vulcan Female
Family Friend
Mother to Syfr

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sol can be seen as a kind and gentle person from working with him but becoming friends he is more of a goofball he’ll often make rude jokes about someone’s weight walking past them or saying “he’s cute” walking past a boy while he currently has a boyfriend but he doesn't mean it actually it’s just the way he grew up.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength

Public speakings
Creative Writing
Ambitions Become like his Starfleet sponsor dedicated to the job and a passion for helping people achieve their dreams
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies

Kung Fo

Personal History Sol Silva grew up in Peru, Trujillo with his Jewish mother, father and older brother. He had a pretty normal childhood before the storm of teenage hood he practiced his Jewish religion. He was pretty good friends with the family friend's son who was born a week before him during Primary; his teacher noted him as a good student but later would have to make a tough choice.

During Teenage hood his Mother became a gambler after losing her job at a local cafe and that caused his Father to simply disappear he would be around just never seen but heard coming back home at the crack of dawn. His brother Cruz became an alcoholic he had been drinking since 8 when he was peered pressured into it but he couldn’t stop and it got worse and worse. Eventually his mother wasn’t around and his father knew nobody knew and his Brother would be passed out with a hangover or drunk and Sol had to walk from his house to the family friend’s house with his best friend Syfr who would always be there for him no matter what.

Sol began to believe that he was a sinner and confused because he had urges liking men more than women. It led to depression he built up for months and one day he was all alone in the house he curled up in a ball on the floor and cried. His best friend Syfr tried to contact him but nothing so he went over and saw Sol on the floor, eyes red and face soaked with tears. Even since then they both became closer. Sol came out as Gay at the age of 13 to Hyfn who was more of a Mother to him than his really mother and abandoned his faith, “Maybe I will rejoin...One day when my world is green and sweater” he said.

After coming out to Hyfn he felt he could breathe. The air was clear and he was proud of what he was but now it was his time to help his best friends Syfr had a good relationship in fact they talked all the time like robots, them being full logically Vulcan’s. Syfyr told Hyfn that he wanted to explore his love interest he went from girl to girl then boy and Sol always was Syfyr’s guardian. At the end of his adventure he felt like he was in the middle and had romantic feelings for Sol then taking him out for a walk and explaining to him about his romancing feelings for Sol and on that beach they kissed and fell in love. Hyfn didn’t care about them dating, she only cared about them being happy as friends in the end.

When he was 16 Solo was asking Captain Hyfn and her job in Starfleet and finding time to be on Earth for her son’s. He grew a passion to help people he often would help anyone from big problems to little problems and that caught Hyun's eye. She had been a Captain for a while and she knew the true traits of Starfleet and found a person with them living under her roof. She sat Sol down and said she would sponsor him into Starfleet Sol was delighted and accepted. His boyfriend Syfr didn’t care about where he was going only if he remembered that his boyfriend loved him even though he was a Pure-Logic Vulcan.

The Academy
Starfleet was hard on him because he was the youngest that started that semester but Hyfn had brought him up the speed on what would happen and what he had to learn first. And the teachers were proud of what he was getting in classes; he would be the greatest of his academic year. He spent his time learning sports like he found out he had a passion for Gymnastics, jogging and sprinting he found out that they stop him from stressing out. He made plenty of friends with the same interests too much older but they helped him survive. He often spent nights talking to his boyfriend Syfr and they often talked too long. They would end the call when the sun rose but they remained faithful to each other.

USS Sanctuary
His first assignment he was a Crewmen Recruit. The ship was a Obrith Class he was lucky to be posted to the ship wasn’t much use for useless positions like a Yeomen but their Captain Camila Ronson A Human Female though she needed help with paperwork as she spent most of her times reading or binge watching movies only she signed off on the big stuff like senior crew transfers. He learned a lot about this job. Never judge a ship by its size. It looked small but man it was fun to just run around without running into someone and needing to shout “CLEAR!”

USS Independence
Commanding by Captain Durwood Hailey Human Male he felt he wasn’t treated with respect he felt like he was treated like a slave he would try to make small talk but would get told to shut up when handing over some light paperwork after 4 years of dealing with him he transfered of the ship somewhere else more comfy like a Galaxy Class called the Albion.

USS Albion
Report Unknown.
Service Record 2366 - 2370
Starfleet Academy
Sponsored by Captain Hyfn
Age 16 - 20
Major: Command & Control

2370 - 2374
USS Sanctuary
Age 20 - 24
Crewmen Recruit - Crewmen Apprentice

2374 - 2378
USS Independence
Age 24 - 28
Crewmen Apprentice - Crewmen

2378 - Present
USS Albion
Age 28 - Present
Crewmen - Present