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Lieutenant Julius Mack

Name Julius Sumner-Miller Mack

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species formerly human current state not certain
Age 360

Physical Appearance

Height 6
Weight 200
Hair Color varies
Eye Color used to be hazel
Physical Description to be determined, may also vary or have been influenced by the pattern reassembly. may not have physical
attributes proportional to actual age.


Spouse unknown
Children unknown
Father unknown
Mother unknown, presumed human, rumoured to have been part of a starbase crew
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknown
Other Family some members of Sunfire crew may know more about him than they are saying
and they may be under orders to not discuss what they know.

Personality & Traits

General Overview wants to uncover his own past; wants to reclaim his fleet skills-technical and diplomatic as well as battle-related. recently re-attended academy training.
Strengths & Weaknesses recently in a very disorienting situation probably related to battle, does not remember his history. effectively starting over and getting his skills as current as possible.
Ambitions Move up to Lt. Commander

To further his fleet career whether military or civilian, strong interest in science and exploration, willing to do what is necessary to support the team and peacefully explore where possible.
Try to get along with everyone if possible.
eventually have some family aboard or at a good station assignment with options to explore and grow his skills; continue to explore the galaxy. Uncover his own history if possible, identify
surviving family if found to exist.
Hobbies & Interests galactic navigation, stellar cartography, nuclear physics, power systems, weapons technology, time travel, un-explained phenomena. music and artistic expression, food and sex and features of a physical body. the latter appetites possibly as a result of not having had a physical body for some extended period of time.

Personal History Probably born around Earth year 1950. Sketchy recollections of having lived there as a human. life-long interest in unexplained phenomena may have exposed him to some kind of classified advanced-technology (probably Earth military or other clandestine operation) which compromised tightly-held secret activities.
It seems likely that he was somehow arrested and detained as a threat to those operations and could not be released because of his civilian status. He thinks he was "disappeared" by some time-travel device and placed in a transporter buffer in about year 2300-2340.

Damaged ship parts were delivered to an unspecified Federation starbase after a battle situation by some members of the USS Sunfire crew at a time shortly after the last Dominion battle.
It is unclear if those parts were from USS Sunfire itself or some other more-heavily-damaged ship. Details seem unavailable. There was not time to interview the crew since they were standing down for re-deployment after a plan was enacted to extensively refit the Sunfire. Most of whom have since been re-assigned to classified duty status and are unavailable to discuss the topic.

Among the recovered items was a transporter pattern-buffer. It is believed that an engineering team on Starbase 10 had discovered contents in the pattern buffer and succesfully
re-assembled at least part of those contents.
Mack was re-animated from that buffer but his memory seemed to have been somehow "wiped" and since then he has been trying to piece together his own history.

At random intervals more fragments of memory return but they still resemble a puzzle with most of the pieces missing. He has reason to think he was directly involved in the Dominion War but he does not remember what he did, what ship he was assigned to, what his crew rank or MOS was or whether he had a family at that time. All of those memories seem to have been
suppressed by some bio-mechanical means.

Among the things he is hoping to do, is re-acquaint himself with starship technology and re-establish his career status, then gradually recover his memory.
Service Record Aside of the personal history details, the rest is mostly unknown.

He transferred from civilian displaced-person-status on Starbase 10 where he had worked for several months on a volunteer security detail, and part-time-musician.
Applied for and completed Academy Officer Training, obtained a temporary assignment to starbase 247.

He had heard through informal conversations that ships were deploying from there for some kind of major effort, and he wants to return to crew status on a good ship.

He is willing to do almost any job on a ship where the command is flexible enough to recognize his skills and place him in a duty station appropriate to whatever those skills prove to be.

Currently reporting for duty on USS Albion as Ensign Mack, Science Officer MOS.

Attempted to investigate some leads during a visit to starbase 10. Generally told nothing of value, except that apparently there
are still security locks on his records. It is unclear who put those locks in place or why. There are security locks on the security locks.