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Home Sweet Home

Posted on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 11:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Grexx

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


Grexx: ::Walks into Main Engineering, the sight of the enormous, pulsating warp core filling him with intense sense of joy. Walks straight past the main system display and and up to the warp core and spreads his arms wide:: "Hello, you big, beautiful b--"

Ensign Park: ::Clears her throat:: "Umm, Commander? Could you confirm theses duty rotations?"

Grexx: "Oh, yes, of course." ::Takes the PADD and gives it a cursory glance and then presses his thumb to it to confirm the orders and hands it back to Park::

Jellito: ::Enters Main Engineering and joins Grexx and Park:: "Thank you Ensign, that will be all." ::Places his arm of Grexx's shoulder and begins moving around Main Engineering while talking:: "Listen Grexx, I'll cut straight to the chase. I'm in charge here now, and I need everyone to toe the line. And I need you preform a list of priority tasks for an upcoming mission."

Grexx: "Oh, yes sir, Of course, of course."

Jelltio: "I knew I could count on you. I need you to reconfigure the cargo transporters in Cargo Bay 2 for biological life transportation. Then do a total conversion of Cargo Bay 2 to support a Class J atmosphere. After that is complete, I need you to reconfigure the aft torpedo tube to fire Cardassian quantum torpedoes, understood?"

Grexx: (By the oceans depths! I can't even name all the people on my engineering teams yet!) "Oh, yes Captain. Is that all you need me to do?"

Jellito: "How long will he modifications take?"

Grexx: "I'd say no more than a week, given that we stay here at Starbase 10."

Jellito: "No good Grexx. I need it done by Tuesday. And we will be departing Starbase within the day."

Grexx: "Tuesday Captain!? I would have to have all my crews running shift after shift just to come close to that time frame."

Jellito: "Sounds good to me. Make it happen, Grexx." ::Puts his hand around Grexx's arm and gives it a right squeeze and walks out of Main Engineering::

Grexx: (What the hell did I get myself into here?) "Park, I'm going to need those duty rosters back!"


Lt.Cmdr Grexx
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Albion


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