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The Good Ole' Boys

Posted on Wed Feb 2nd, 2022 @ 2:24am by Captain Dick Sprague
Edited on on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 @ 9:55pm

Mission: The Good Ole' Boys
Location: Starbase 40
Timeline: Current


New mission time!


2 hours after the USS Albion docked...

{Starbase 40, Admiral Blamer's Office}

Admiral Mark Blamer: ::pacing behind his desk and looking at his watch::

Two tough guys wearing sunglasses: ::sitting on file cabinets behind Blamer::

Blamer: "Where is he?"

Andrews: ::seated in front of the desk:: "Where is who, Sir?"

Blamer: "Sprague, your Captain!"

Andrews: "Oh." ::looks to Anders and Zatara, who are seated next to him:: "I'm sure he'll be here any minute now."

Zatara: ::trying to make small talk:: "But it was nice for you to redirect the Albion here for shore leave, Admiral."

Anders: "Yes, it's our first venture into the Beta Quadrant actually."

Blamer: "I prefer 'Bravo Quadrant.'"

Andrews: "Bravo Quadrant, of course, Sir." ::looks at his own watch::

{Starbase 40, Promenade}

Sprague: ::finishing his third chocolate sundae:: (I feel like I'm supposed to be doing something now.) ::takes another bite:: "Probably nothing."

Admiral Charles Star: ::standing behind a large plant, wearing a cheap pair of Groucho glasses:: "Psst! Sprague! Over here!"

Sprague: ::yelling:: "Admiral Charles Star, Chief of Star Fleet Operations, what are you doing on Starbase 40!?!"

Star: "Keep it down, this way" ::motions for Sprague to come toward him::

Sprague: ::spills some chocolate on himself as he waddles over:: "Admiral Star--" ::wipes his mouth with a napkin::

Star: "--Shhhh!"

Sprague: "Oh, sorry Admiral!"

Star: "I have a special mission for you and your crew. No one can know about it. No one even knows I'm here."

Sprague: "My lips are sealed!" ::zips his mouth closes::

{Starbase 40, Admiral Blamer's Office}

Andrews: ::notices all the 'Starbase of the Year' awards on Blamer's wall:: "That's quite a collection, Admiral."

Blamer: "Why thank you, we've won the last 7 years in a row. And I hope to make it 8 next month. That's actually why I brought you here." ::dramatic pause:: "Where is Sprague?"

Andrews: ::looks around nervously::

{Starbase 40, Promenade}

Star: "Sprague, I need you to conduct an investigation."

Sprague: "Anything, Admiral."

Star: "I believe that Admiral Blamer is secretly working with the Cardassian Mafia to smuggle top secret Federation technology to terrorists all over the galaxy. I need you to find the evidence."

Sprague: "Is that all, Sir?"

Star: "No."

Sprague: ::raises an eyebrow::

Star: "I also believe that Blamer is fudging his numbers so that he always wins Starbase of the Year. Find evidence of that too."

Sprague: "Of course, Sir!"

Star: "Okay, now I've got to get out of here without anyone seeing me." ::starts to walk away, but trips and falls, sending his Grouch glasses clear across the promenade::

Random Bystander: "Whoa, isn't that Admiral Star!"

{Starbase 40, Admiral Blamer's Office}

Blamer: "Enough on Sprague." ::tosses Andrews a PADD::

Andrews: ::starts reading it::

Blamer: "My numbers were a little down last month. I have a repair schedule planned for your ship that should be just enough for me to beat Yoshimeyer at Starbase 10."

Andrews: "Admiral, I don't get it... none of the equipment listed here is broken on the Albion?"

Blamer: ::waves his hand:: "It's on the house." ::pauses:: "Bruno and Jimmy G will help you."

Bruno: ::gets up from the filing cabinet:: "You gots it, boss."

Jimmy G: ::also gets up from the filing cabinet:: "We'll take care of it."

{Starbase 40, Klingon Dive Bar}

Hadden: ::having a drink with Janeway and Glass:: "Does anyone else find it strange that there's no Klingons... in a Klingon bar... so close to Klingon space?"

Janeway: ::looks around:: "Come to think of, we're the only ones who aren't Cardassians."

Glass: "By George, you're right!"

Janeway: "And we're not even close to Cardassian space."

Varley, Grexx, and Nabarati. ::enter and walk up to their table::

Varley: "Fancy seeing you guys here."

Grexx: "Small world... I mean starbase!"

Nabarati: "Yeah, we thought you had watch on the Albion right now!"

Hadden: "Wait, no, you have watch."

Nabarati: "No, you guys do!"

Grexx: "That means..."

Hadden: "...No one's minding the ship!"

{USS Albion, Bridge}


{Starbase 40, Recreation Area}

Mack, Genno, Spivick: ::all simultaneously fall from the Parrises squares course with severe injuries::

Referee: "Man down! Man down! Man down!"


That's the mission... find out if Admiral Blamer is conspiring with the Cardassian Mafia and cheating to win his 8th Starbase of the Year award. Have fun with... and don't solve the problems too soon... try and add to them!

Current locations are as follows. NPCs are in parenthesis.

Blamer's Office:
(Jimmy G)


Klingon Dive Bar:

Recreation Area:

Captain Dick Sprague
Commanding Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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