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The Strong Jerk Manoeuvre

Posted on Wed Jan 18th, 2023 @ 1:22am by Ensign Alyssa Strong

Mission: The Assessment
Location: USS Albion
Timeline: Present


{USS Albion}

Strong ::Departs the newly arrived shuttle after completing the final shutdown procedures. She looks around the empty shuttle dock entrance:: “Uh, isn’t anyone going to greet me? Or take my bags?”

{USS Albion, Bridge}

Strong ::Looks around the bridge to find no officers, only crewmen. She sees a second year cadet sat nervously in the command chair:: “Cadet, what are you doing sat there?”

Lethridge ::Gets to his feet and stands to attention nervously:: “Cadet Archibald Lethridge, ma’am. I brought Captain Sprague a caramel crunch sundae about 2 hours ago. He told me to take over whilst he ate it, and I’ve been here since.”

Strong: “Where are all the officers?”

Lethridge: “I was wondering that myself.”

:: Bleeping in the background ::

Strong: “And the Captain?”

:: Bleeping continues ::

Lethridge: “His ready room I think.”

:: Again, bleeping continues ::

Strong: “Well I’m Ensign Alyssa Strong, the Albion’s new Chief Flight Control officer.”

:: Bleeping ::

Lethridge: “Well that’s good, maybe you can tell me what that bleeping is coming from the helm controls.”

:: Bleeping ::

Strong ::Steps towards the helm, her eyes opening in fear. The bleeping, the ever increasing bleeping was a warning that the ship was on a collision course with an asteroid:: “Jesus!” ::She jumps into the chair and pulls off a quick reaction that would go down in history as “The Strong Jerk Manoeuvre” and avoids the asteroid by mere meters::

Sprague ::Exits the ready room for a moment:: “Excuse me, I’m in a very important meeting in here, and we’re all being thrown around like Klingon kittens. Can you drive this ship a little more carefully please or I’ll find someone who can” ::Re-enters the ready room, almost walking into the wall::

Strong: “Let me guess. Captain Sprague?”

Lethridge ::Nods slowly::


Ensign Alyssa Strong
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Albion


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