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He’s Dead Jim

Posted on Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 5:55pm by Commander Donald ‘Don’ Key

Mission: Naming Conventions
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Present


{Main Engineering}

Grexx: ::Takes a tricorder and scans Anders::

Sprague: ::Waits patiently for his cheeseburger:: “Well?”

Grexx: “I’m an engineer not a paramedic.” ::Continues scanning::

Key: “Well?”

Sprague: “Was that an echo?” ::Looks around confused::

Graxx: “He’s dead, Jim. I mean, Dick. Er, I mean, Captain. I can only guess that the Lard of the dance here…” ::points towards Key:: “… is still alive because of his immense size. The drug probably didn’t get metabolised properly due to the immense amount of adipose tissue in his body.”

Key: “Well adipose I’m one lucky son of a gun!”

Sprague: “HAHAHAHAAA!! This guy kills me!” ::Looks down at the body:: “Sorry Anders. Wrong choice of words.”

Computer: “Self destruct in 45 seconds.”


Lieutenant JG Don Key
Flight Control Officer
USS Albion


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