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Continuing and wrapping up my patrol

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2023 @ 4:55pm by Captain Emily Janeway
Edited on on Thu May 25th, 2023 @ 11:37pm

Mission: Naming Conventions
Location: From the crew quarters or from where I left off
Timeline: Current


Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how to wrap this one up myself to conclude mission.



Computer=^= active Captain Emily Jones Janeway’s personal death metal personal music collection and the music streaming to playing music throughout, starting with my to favorite artist band slayer, hell awaits continue playing

Computer: engaging music now:

Janeway:: good as she resumed her investigation on her work with her mission.
Janeway::stated to begin loading her favorite top firearm for her protection, and she wears her tactical armor vest.

Janeway thinking out loud in her own head and talking to her ourself well, I guess I’m am I still feels like I’m indestructible like my own foster mother’s old personality traits just like I carried throughout.

Well, I hope mine works out good post


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