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Highway ride into darkness or the last ride?

Posted on Thu Aug 31st, 2023 @ 12:23am by Captain Emily Janeway

Mission: Albion, on Ice!
Location: space dock , Raven unicorn hotel & lodging, hotel room
Timeline: Current

Off:: OK I’m making up some of the writing with creativity as I’m writing. Well, I just hope y’all enjoy it and you can encourage me to continue posting on!!


Janeway:: Walking along holding her luggage in personal lodging quarters known as the Raven Unicorn hotel near the space dock where her ship was stationed, decided she needed to have a the night or the holiday week of furlough for the night or the holiday week from the expedition of the space frontier of duty to the Federation to begin furthermore.
Janeway:: finishing with the unpacking of her clothes and then unpacking her protective defense equipment if she needs it in case who knows what could happen during her stay there or what the gravity of her situation lately the past few months she has been not feeling like any of norm herself lately, while she was in her state of mind of trying to be a normal person instead of her marbles of making an effort to be a normal person instead of she on a starship commanding marine officer.
Janeway:: sees a very bizarre object that came into her possession. Probably she was not aware of it at all while she was on the ibe strange object that came into her possession.
Presumably, she was not knowledgeable of it at all While she was on the ice at the game during her hockey tournament she begins she began to investigate the liquid in the glass bottle ( why did I even know this was not in my possession) there was a hidden written message attached “ dear friend I hope you enjoyed your I hope you enjoyed your profile night peripheral moment. How about something to forget How about something to forget to worry, misfortunes. sincerely, unknown confidante.
Janeway setting the note that was attached to the mysterious glass liquid bottle she starts to open it the bottle she commences to pour herself a full glass of the liquid contents of the container, she took a whiff of it a small amounts gulps from the odd concoction that was in the bottle mysteriously gifted to her from the odd concoction that was in the bottle gifted to her.
Soon after she had taken way too much to drink of her complementary present beverage she began to notice that she was feeling very dizzy and exhaustion and odd burning sensation in her throat and stomach and was ingested by her consumption of her complementary beverage that somebody snuck in her luggage while she was occupied.
Janeway:: coughing up her own blood in her chest while she tries to figure out what happened to her body::

Off :: hope you’ll enjoy reading this latest post from me

Emily Jones Janeway
USS Albion NCC-3020


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