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Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2023 @ 10:39pm by Commander Donald ‘Don’ Key

Mission: Albion, on Ice!
Location: Hotel Room
Timeline: Present


{Empty Hotel Room}

Key: ::Still tied up, and struggling to get free::

Shadowy Figure: “There’s no use in struggling my portly friend. You’ll never get free.”

Key: ::Gives up struggling::

Shadowy Figure: “That’s better.”

Key: ::Grins underneath the tape on his mouth before struggling much harder and for much longer::

Shadowy Figure: “I said stop!”

Key: ::Carries on struggling, almost getting loose::

Shadowy Figure: “Fine!” ::Takes out a phaser that had been hidden under their robe. Aims it at Key’s chest and fires::

Key: ::Phaser blast hits him in the chest and he goes limp before leaning forward. Chair tips forward, sending him crashing to the floor face first::

Shadowy Figure: “I told you to stop struggling!”

Key: ::Groaning, semi-conscious::


Commander Don Key
Flight Control Officer
USS Albion


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