“It’s back to work now I go “

Posted on Mon Oct 9th, 2023 @ 3:21pm by Captain Emily Janeway
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Mission: Albion, on Ice!
Location: Uss.Albion transporter room
Timeline: Current


:: 10days later from Janeway’’s return::

Janeway:: waking down from the ship’s transportation platform while looking around the room then she was holding all of her bags of items that was provided to her by her companions in order to secure her own baggage carrying

:: Keys was standing in the back of the room when Janeway arrived without her paying attention saying “ hello Janeway I’m very happy for your safe return”

he also had told janeway that he has taken care of her dog and he was able to paying off her hotel room bills due from her accident which she wasn’t able too returned to her holiday stay in the hotel room on the base”

Janeway “ i’m very very grateful and I’m going to be turning to my quarters”


Emily Janeway
Marine Commanding officer

Uss. Albion