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So that's it!

Posted on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 10:30pm by Captain Dick Sprague

Mission: Nebulous
Location: USS Albion
Timeline: Current


Spivick, I'm going to assume your last post happened a few posts back in the chronology.


{USS Albion, Bridge}

Spivick: ::from the speaker:: =/\=The Altara Nebula emits a kind of radiation we haven't yet encountered or cataloged before. In humanoids, it seems to induce temporary memory loss and sometimes even hallucinations.=/\=

Andrews: "That's very interesting, Doctor."

Spivick: =/\=There's more... it appears that the radiation only has these effects when someone encounters it for the second time.=/\=

Genno: ::looking as her console:: "Captain Sprague explored this sector with the USS Chuck Norris seven years ago."

Spivick: =/\=Yes, and that explains why he was the first one affected. Since he was also exposed to it the longest, it will also probably take longer for him to return to normal... but that's all we have to do: Everyone should be restored to full health simply by staying away from the radiation.=/\=

{USS Albion, Corridor}

Sprague: ::heads straight for the holodeck.


Finally, some answers!

Captain Dick Sprague
Commanding Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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