All players must show respect for others at all times. Harassment, doxing, or posting explicit content is strictly prohibited. All members are also expected to follow all rules and regulations of Independence Fleet, including the Credits and Privacy Policy.

24 hour rule: Players cannot post twice in a row unless at least 24 hours have passed. This applies separately for Mission Posts and Personal Logs.

What this does NOT mean:

- You can't post twice in less than 24 hours (You can if someone else posts between your two posts)
- You can't post until someone else follows your post with another post (You can if it's been at least 24 hours since your last post)
- You can't post a Personal Log if you just posted a Mission Post (You can because the 24 hour rule for Mission Posts only applies for Mission Posts; Likewise, the 24 hour rule for Personal Logs only applies to Personal Logs)