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source of personnel behavioral anomalies

Posted on Sat Feb 27th, 2021 @ 7:55am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

so far it has appeared that some aspect of the nebula had been affecting the judgment or the vision of humans on the USS Albion.

lately developments suggest further:

the delterious effects do not appear limited to humans

they do not appear limited to the interior of the nebula

severity of the impact varies in profound intensity to judgment but so far any time factor related to the delusions is unclear.

at this point I am uncertain as to my own delusions but at least so far have not been tempted to fire my weapon at anyone.

it seems apt to rely upon the computer and sensor arrays to verify any issue requiring objective judgment.

I have taken steps to neutralize hand weapons on the saucer bridge. If such measures prove fruitless I will attempt to move
all components of the Albion farther away from the nebula, in case the effects reach farther or last longer than was previously


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Tags: genno, hadden, hallucinations, projections, simulations, intruders, security breach, identification of intrusions