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New Officer on the block

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2021 @ 1:44am by Lieutenant JG Tanya Hughes


Tanya had her things with her when she came on the Albion she walked around looking for her quarters that was said on her Padd she kept looking around as she decided to take the turbo lift down to what her padd said where shes supposed to go. She then got off the turbo lift and walked down the corridor and finally found her quarters she was so happy that she was able to put her things down, as she looked around her quarters on how she can decorate it to make it feel like home.

Tanya walked around her quarters getting lots of ideas on how to decorate your quarters, she wrote down on her padd on what shes gonna get from the ships computer in her quarters, she had some things in her duffle bag as she poured her clothes out and folded them to put them away in her closet,and drawers too, She used some of her dresses as decorate her place as she settled in and try to find more ways to decorate her quarters and take a little nap before making her introductions...


Ltjg Tanya Hughes
Security officer


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