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Travelling to the Albion

Posted on Wed May 3rd, 2023 @ 8:46pm by Commander Donald ‘Don’ Key

Key: “Computer, begin personal log. Ensign Don Key.

Computer: “Recording initiated. Proceed when ready.”

Key: Leans back in the cockpit chair and interlocks his fingers behind his head. The chair struggles to stay together under the immense weight.

Key: “I’m on my way to the USS Albion. A Galaxy class ship I believe. I’ve never manoeuvred a Galaxy class ship before, so this should be interesting. Computer pause recording.”

Key: Gets to his feet, crosses over to the replicator and orders a triple cheeseburger, fries and a large banana milkshake. Returns to the chair and sits. Takes several large mouthfuls of the meal, crumbs and grease falling onto his uniform.

Key: “Computer, resume recording. I have been sent to the Albion by Commodore Rogue of Starbase Unreliable. Apparently I was the number one choice for the job. I look forward to settling in on my new ship and meeting all the new faces.”

The chair creaked one last time before giving up and collapsing beneath the man, sending him and his banana milkshake sprawling across the runabout’s floor

Key: Smearing banana milkshake from his eyes. “Computer, end log.”


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