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notes from all over

Posted on Mon May 15th, 2023 @ 5:20pm by Lieutenant Julius Mack

mack adds to personal log: since doctor spivick has been re-assigned, the job of ship's doctor falls to me as science officer
and the sickbay assisting staff .
I have had them do an emergency medical life-signs scan of the ready room and
found that mister keys appears to be in late stages of mortal diabetes. His general conduct suggests that either he
is unaware of this condition or does not care to change his behavior. In any case, a diet of mostly ice cream is not
only likely to kill him, it could also do the same to the captain whose general health appears no better. I hesitate
to inform mister keys about this, since I do not practice medicine, but informing the captain about it, might violate
medical ethics and confidentiality.

Before I do a similar scan of the captian's health, I should get clearance but I am unclear from whom. I am not on good
terms with Commander Andrews and will be on worse ones when it becomes known that he may be regarded as responsible
for loss of a shuttle and mister Voomy.

Meanwhile I stand corrected about the shuttle controls; the info I had, came from mister townsend. I gather he was not in time
to prevent Commander Andrews from putting the shuttle on self-destruct but he evidently knows the combination of the blue
and green command console buttons are known to activate shuttle self-destruct timer routines. And that any attempt to re-
press the same buttons, causes an IMMEDIATE self-destruct.

Really I would think a constellation-class commander would be aware of those things, even if I myself was not.

I have also deployed security-perimeter devices to all three away-team coordinates and activated their com link
repeaters. Another set have been transported to a LaGrange point between gamma hydra II and the albion, so objects can
be transported there while remaining relatively in their same immediate environment but in relative stasis in case that
storage point becomes useful. I will also notify captain janeway that she now has some additional assets at her disposal
which might be especially valuable as the ship's forward phasers are now in the hands of the klingon landing party, or some
other shuttle craft that has been so far not identified.

If the shuttle craft proves to be cloaked, that would not indicate it is in the hands of the klingons or the gamma-hydrans,
but rather in the hands of some OTHER INTEREST which possesses cloaking technology.


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