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back on the bridge

Posted on Thu Feb 25th, 2021 @ 2:21am by Ensign Julius Mack

welp it's good to be back at my duty station. this has really been a shit-show.

I wonder if the bridge command on the saucer section did what I recommended, and kept a containment field around the battle-warp-drive unit.

We could use that about now.

I wonder if anyone paid attention to the large container with all of the security locks I found in the battle-section's cargo hold. Pretty sure it is a small ship with advanced tacticals on board. We could
use that at the moment too.

But at the moment I have no idea if anyone is being co-opted like the captain appears to be. obviously he was the WRONG command level for me to originally give a data dump to.

I'm not crazy about having to decide WHOM to trust.

Maybe I will just give pieces of what I know, to different bridge crew and watch what they do with it. How to do that selectively without ALL of them hearing/seeing everything, will be entertaining.


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