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starbase 10 to bridge

Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 8:16am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Nebulous
Location: starbase 10 deck 5 records facility


=^="mack to albion. request advice regarding how to find more information in starbase records concerning albion cargo manifest, especially the large secure-locked container in cargo deck and the remaining stasis pods still aboard and occupied with unknown but stable humanoid life-forms. I really need to know if anyone aboard already knows about those items and what they might have had to do with what our original mission to the nebula was.
I want to avoid wasting anyone's time including my own.
Feel free to use confidential channel. Bridge: also please advise if I am needed back aboard within two solar days. I will check in at about four hour intervals otherwise. Mack Out. "=^=

Mack heads for a lounge on deck 35, poring over an uploaded inventory of currently docked ships at the starbase, with particular attention to non-federation craft.
Once arriving at the lounge, he sits at the bar, orders a diet doctor pepper with two shots of captain morgan dark, with crushed ice and wanders along the observation
windows with a sweeping view of the maintenance docks, swarming with suited workers and small maintenance craft, all working around large starships.

He imagines what it might be like, to take a new starship class flagship out of docks for the first time and be aboard for the shakedown cruise.



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