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mack faces the ferengi

Posted on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 @ 9:58pm by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: starbase 10 defense perimeter


(welp it was nice of everyone on the bridge to put the bench in command of the bridge while the party was going on at starbase 10 promenade. the chair is somehow familiar feeling but really needs better ass-padding...and yeah, at first I didn't notice the ferengi ships
approaching but the sensor array did and I happen to be familiar with how to work those. Time to do the job I am told to do.)

{using internal ship comm to all stations}

=^="Bridge to all hands. Battle stations. This is not a drill."=^=
"Engineering: Mack here, acting command. Power up warp engines immediately and engage one-half impulse to Starbase 10 defense
Helm: engage a course providing maximum weapons array spread on Ferengi vessels. Keep distance so that Starbase 10 weapons array can also target everything we have targeted. Indicate to them that they should use our EXACT coordinates and vary
that tracking with updates of coordinates to Starbase 10. Request acknowledgement immediately.

"Mister Glass, please man the weapons array and pick targets on and randomly nearby but with two additional sets of coordinates NOT on target of the Fernegi vessels. Make your aim visible to them and stand by. Provide our full set of targets on encrypted transmission to Starbase 10 weapons command."

{intentionally using an open and un-encrypted channel, especially to include any vicinity vessels and Starbase 10 Command}

=^="USS Albion, Julius Mack commanding. Ferengi vessels. All five of your force have been detected by Starbase 10 Security. Since
you failed to observe standard station-approach-protocols, we consider your appearance to be a hostile act.

Stand down and reverse your courses immediately or prepare to become spare parts for the used ship market.

You may respond this channel but any attempt to do so before powering down your weapons, defense and warp systems, will be interpreted as an attempt to distract. If you attempt to target this ship, the weapons array at Starbase 10 will reduce you to historical memory."

You have fifteen standard seconds to comply. Mack out."=^=


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Comments (1)

By Lieutenant JG Julius Mack on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 @ 10:24pm

Mack further instructs ship's computer:
"Computer. Use battle training simulation 39 bravo to project two Ferengi cruisers in cloaked mode with weapons trained on both USS Albion and the three real ferengi ships current being tracked on weapons array. Take no further measures but stand ready to provide all tactical information to real weapons array and copy all simulation animations
to starbase 10 weapons systems. Aknowledge and provide simulation updates on bridge audible. Execute immediately and continue program until advised otherwise by my voice command, Mister Glass or verified members of the
standing bridge crew remotely from starbase 10."