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albion to starbase 10

Posted on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 @ 9:01pm by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: bridge USS Albion


{secure subspace channel, to fleet and starbase 10 command, copying albion crew at starbase 10}

=^="USS Albion, Ensign Julius Mack Commanding. We have interpreted the violation of Starbase 10 security perimeter by what appear to be Ferengi Vessels,
as a hostile act. These vessels dropped out of warp without notifying Starbase 10 of their approach, nor did they appear to have diplomatic permission to
visit here. There was no indication from Starbase 10 security that they had been informed nor given clearance for approach to the security perimeter.
We hailed them and warned them that their behavior could be interpreted as an attack upon the starbase. It seems odd that at the same
instant Captain Sprague was being arrested and charged with some kind of criminal attempt to surrender the starbase to an invading force. We could only
interpret this strange coincidence as an invasion with distraction efforts as a coordinated effort between external and internal security breaches. We did make
a reasonable attempt to coordinate our defensive effort with fleet and starbase 10, while attempting to also confuse the Ferengi invasion force. If Starbase 10
security is confused by that information, the Admiral might want to discuss that topic with them when this immediate situation has been dealt. Right now this
bridge regards Albion and Starbase 10 complement as under-attack from an invasion force.

The rest of the confusing reports of FIVE invading vessels instead of three (the latter which we believe accurate) is part of our attempt to confuse the invaders
and make them think they are under attack from some rogues of their own technology. Any examination of communication records, will confirm all of this. We do
have reason to believe that Starbase 10 is under attack, and it is not from us. We are attempting to defend the perimeter. We also attempted to inform everyone
immediately necessary. There was not time to inform a party in the Promenade.

Weapons are currently locked on Ferengi vessels, as well as some of those of the Starbase 10 defense arsenal. So far no response from the Ferengi."=^=


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By Lieutenant JG Julius Mack on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 @ 9:20pm

=^="meantime please someone tell starbase 10 un-trained "security" to stop firing on the USS Albion. We are trying to defend you from being invaded. And please notify immediately if you hear anything from the Fernegi vessels. We are also waiting for sensor indication that their weapons and warp system are powering down."=^=