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Stop blowing holes in my ship!

Posted on Sat May 22nd, 2021 @ 12:56am by Lieutenant Commander Grexx

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: Stabase 10
Timeline: Current


{Starbase 10, Level 34, Jil'Dor's Fine Seafood}

::Lt.Cmdr. Grexx sits alone at a table with a large array of exotic seafood dishes in front of him and a large napkin tied around his neck::

Grexx: "Now, let's see here. Klingon mollusk, Bajoran ice oysters, Earth king crab legs. Excuse me, miss. ::An Andorian waitress stopped and looked:: "I think I am missing an order of Romulan mollusks."

Waitress: "Yes, sir. I'll go check."

::Grexx picked up an ice oyster, put it to his lips and gulped it down. Grexx caught sight of the waitress coming back with his mollusks. He continued eating::

Waitress: "Here you go Commander." ::She looks around for a place to set them down::

Grexx: "Don't worry, I'll just finish these off." ::Grexx grabs the last two oysters, one in each hand and slurps them down::

::As the waitress went to swap out the plates, the lights dimmed in the restaurant and yellow lights began to flash::

Grexx: "What is this then? How do you have a Yellow Alert in a Starbase?"

::Grexx stood up and walked past the waitress to the large viewports. Jil"Dor's had one of the best views on the station and surveyed the scene::

::There were five Ferengi ships, and a Galaxy class starship. The Galaxy class was launching multiple spreads of torpedoes at the Ferengi ships::

Grexx: "Hey, Ensign what do you suppose is going on here?"

Ensign: "Um, I have no idea, sir. Sir, are are those torpedoes doing?"

Grexx: ::Watched in sheer disbelief as the torpedoes arced around and began slamming into the massive Galaxy class:: "If I had to guess, I would say whoever is at the Tactical station has no clue what they are doing. I would hate to be the Chief Engineer on that ship."

::A second spread of torpedoes had found their mark...on their own ship""

Grexx: "Do you have any idea what ship that is, Ensign?"

Ensign: "I think it's the USS Albion, sir."

Grexx: ::chuckles:: "Boy, what a bunch of knuckleheads. Wait, did you say Albion!? That's my ship! Or, well, will be!" ::Grexx could feel a cold knot forming in his lower bowels::

::The Ensign just looked confused, and a little sorry for him::

Grexx: ::Slapping his palm against the transparent aluminum view port:: Stop blowing holes in my ship!"


Hi everyone, glad to be here. This is my first script style post, in like, two decades, so please point out my mistakes.

Lt.Cmdr. Grexx
USS Albion


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