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Looking for just the right ship

Posted on Sat May 22nd, 2021 @ 6:22pm by Ensign Broderick Varley

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Current


{Starbase 10, Level 35, Officers' Galaxy Club }

Ensign Varley: :: The bar is fairly busy at this hour but Ensign Varley is sitting alone at the bar while sipping on an almost empty glass of a greenish blue cocktail. He's intently reviewing a PADD and oblivious to a steadily growing murmuring behind him::

Varley: (The Centaur? Nope pass. Let's see what else we got. Maybe the T'Kumbra? I might be Vulcan enough to get a pass on there, but it's probably not even worth the passive aggressive logic tests they'll run me through every single day.)

Varley: ::Tosses his PADD down and raises his hand to get the attention of the bartender, a somewhat perturbed looking Mizarian.::

Mizarian: "You want another Andorian whiskey right?"
Varley: "Yes sir, make it a double"
Mizarian: "You must not be on duty tomorrow"
::The Mizarian walks to the other end of the bar but Varley could still hear him muttering to himself::
Mizarian: "I don't understand the human inclination with drinking something they could clean a plasma injector with until it puts them in sickbay"

Varley: ::the Mizarian's muttering hardly even registering to him, Varley picks his PADD up and continues to scroll::

Varley: (I can't believe I have to find a ship to put in a transfer to. If my CO had just put me in for a promotion to Lt, I'd be getting offers instead of having to convince someone to take me on. My last review was perfect. If the Sutherland hadn't put in early for refit, I'd be Lt. Varley by now.)

Varley: ::takes a long pull from his 2nd Andorian whiskey that the Mizarian just dropped off. He's still oblivious to a growing commotion behind him as some officers get closer to the windows pointing at something outside the station::

Varley: (Okay so the goal again is to find the ship with the right balance of front line action and opportunity. If just right I can make it Lt under my new CO in a year. Make Lt. Commander in another 2. Make Commander in 3 after that. Captain in 3 after that. Agamemnon no, the Excalibur no. The Cairo, helllllllll no. Dad always said Jellico was as stiff as any Romulan. Wait here we go, the Albion. That might work.)

:: The standard lights dim in the bar and yellow lights start to flash as the station goes to yellow alert::

Varley: ::Varley looks up and takes in the bar around him for the first time in hours:: "What the hell is going on?"

Mizarian: "Leave it to Starfleet to always solve a problem by firing a phaser when peaceful negotiation would save everyone's lives involved"

Varley: ::Varley rolls his eyes at the bartender and walks over to a window where a bunch of other officers are congretated. He taps a Bolian woman on the shoulder. ::

Varley: "What's going on, why'd we go to yellow alert?"
Bolian: "There a bunch of ferengi ships out there surrounding the Albion."
Varley: "Really!? I am sorry did you say the Albion?"
Bolian: "Yea they must be in bad shape, they just took a volley of their own torpedoes."

:: Varley looks at the Bolian and then outside the window off into the distance before walking back to his bar seat without saying another word. He picks up his PADD::

Varley: (Okay, so on the Albion I can make Lt. in 6 months, then Lt. Commander in ….)

:: Shouts from behind Varley. He can make out someone saying "My god the Albion just got hit with her own torpedoes, AGAIN."::

Varley: ::Presses the button putting in his transfer request to the Albion as Assistant Chief Operations Officer::
Varley: (Okay so I can make Lt. in 3 months, and then Lt. Commander in …..)


Hi everyone, glad to be aboard. This my first sim post in about 8 years. I've been Trekkie since I was about 10 and started simming in the AOL days. I also a budding writer so thought it was as good time as any to get back on the saddle. Let me know how I can improve on the script form. Look forward to getting in on the fun with everyone.

Ensign Broderick Varley
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
USS Albion


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