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mack speaks up

Posted on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 3:19am by Ensign Julius Mack

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: crew assembly

(what is this infernal bullshit...)

"Commander. I do not know where you got the information that you think you have, but let me correct some things.
One, I have been in command of the Albion since I was the ranking officer on the bridge when the rest of the crew
went to the Station. I was there briefly myself for certain tactical maneuvers but returned immediately upon having
completed them. During that time and ONLY during that time, Ensign Bull was in command of the bridge. All manuevers
were done while I was in command, not Ensign Bull. He maintained the Albion's position and appearance of being vulnerable
to attack (falsely) under my order. This was meant to avoid drawing attention from the factual Ferengi vessels.

Two, there are not now nor have there ever been FIVE Ferengi ships. We created a simulation to confuse the TWO Ferengi
ships into believing that they themselves were being shadowed by other Ferengi who regarded them as rogue. That simulation
appears to have been MUCH more effective than we presumed, since it apparently also completely fooled the security team on
Starbase 10. Which attests to their lack of training.

Three, there is no damage to the Albion. That appearance was part of the simulation. At no time did we drop our shields, given
that there was reason to regard Starbase 10 as under attack.

Four, I still have reason to believe that the admiral is conspiring with the Ferengi to surrender the Station to the rogue Ferengi
force. There was never the slightest indication of compliance on their part with Federation Station Approach protocols, nor is
an Admiral empowered to encourage violation thereof. We must assume that Admiral Yoshimeyer is still enacting whatever plan
he and the Ferengi have hatched.

Five, note that there have been communications from some entity claiming to be a Ferengi commander. The problem with which
is that the Ferengi commander supposedly has been in the Admiral's office all this time. I personally saw to it that he could not leave.
So we do not know WHO that alleged Ferengi Commander would have been. And if he did indeed presume take command of the
Ferengi force without approval of the Commander who was conferring with the Admiral, that fake commander could face death
according to Ferengi law, since he was willfully interfering in a major acquisition effort of his superiors.

Six, have you considered WHY the Admiral continually releases and re-arrests Captain Sprague? Have you actually spoken directly
(in private) with Sprague, such that he might have actually been in the position to tell you what he knows? I suspect that he knows
the same thing I suspect: that Starbase 10 is factually under attack and in danger of falling into Ferengi hands.

Seven, I don't know where the Admiral got the idea that there would be "resistance" to legitimate command personnel returning to
the Albion. You yourself are still legitimately in command until Federation sends you a subspace message WITH PROPER AUTHORIZATION
establishing TWO THINGS: a) captain sprague being removed from command (and NOT under the guise of being "arrested")
b) captain jellico being put in command
c) after which the new captain must present his authorization, his identification and brief the command staff.
as far as I am aware, Jellico has done none of those things. I therefore question his legitimacy and wonder
why you have not. Did Yoshimeyer direct you to accept Jellico? Have you gotten that order from ANYONE ELSE
in Federation command?

Eight, since you have pretty much ignored my requests for a private meeting to turn over command, I will hereby relinquish it. Under no circumstances
is my command to be regarded as anything else but legitimate according to Starfleet regulations. If you have a problem with that, place me under
arrest and do it now. Otherwise, I will assume my duty station as science officer.

::Mack returns to the bridge.


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