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mack under arrest. briefly.

Posted on Tue Jun 8th, 2021 @ 12:29am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack
Edited on on Wed Jun 9th, 2021 @ 4:55pm

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: starbase 10

{USS Albion, in the transporter room as arrest security detail to starbase 10 commence energizing...}

Mack: "transporter, execute program mack2319".

::Mack arrives in starbase 10 transporter bay without arrest detail and without restraints::

{to transporter team}
"change of plans. I need to see captain sprague immediately. The admiral's orders are that Sprague is to be
released from the brig forthwith."

::mack takes turbolift to admiral's quarters, chimes the door::

Yoshimeyer: " enter".

:: mack stays outside and out of line of sight of yoshimeyer:: "execute program". ::hidden spy device again
disconnects all communication, power and environment
in the admiral's office. door closes without Mack entering nor appearing at all.

Once closed, mack pulls a phaser and nails the doors again, then shoots the door
controls to fuse them.

The transporter team attempts to contact the admiral to verify the change of orders.

Instead the spy device intercepts, uses the admiral's location and responds in his voice, confirming the
change of plans::"Release Captain Sprague immediately and tell him to go to shuttle bay six. For immediate
departure from the station under classified orders. No further communication will be provided and he is to be given all clearance."

Sprague::leaves the brig and heads to shuttle bay six, having no idea what is waiting there.

Mack:: blows the lock to more weapons and arms himself, then fuses the lock for any further weapons
on deck six.
He finds a shuttle in bay six as he had left it, shoots out the security overrides and powers up the shuttle
impluse engines, sets them to override in five minutes, then goes out of the shuttle bay and seals
the doors, trashing the release mechanism similarly to the admiral's office.

Sprague::arrives at bay six, finding Mack. "What are you doing here ensign?"

Mack:"no time to explain, Sir. Change of plans. Let's take shuttle bay ten instead."

::they go to bay ten, find another shuttle, go in and do the same things to the security overrides.

"Do you remember how to get clearance as a fleet captain to
commandeer a shuttle, sir? I suggest strongly that you do it, since soon we may otherwise be in the brig again.
Just as a side note, you might be interested to know that your Number One, Mister Andrews, has turned
command of the Albion over to some guy named Jellico. Have you ever heard of him?"

Sprague: "No I have not, and starfleet regulations do not allow for a captain to assume command without
directly informing the existing captain, showing Fleet Orders and allowing the replaced captain to contact
starfleet to verify a very out-of-protocol change-of-command.
I am inclined to guess that mister Jellico is not who he claims he is."

Mack: "Exactly what I thought sir. Meanwhile shuttle bay six is about to have a problem, so I suggest we
get out of here quickly. I have reason to suspect that admiral yoshimeyer is also part of a conspiracy to turn
starbase 10 over to a band of rogue Ferengi. You might be aware of some of that, if anyone bothered
to inform you WHY you were being arrested.

Do you not find it odd that despite regulations to the contrary, arrests were made for both of us without the slightest
stated charges?"

Sprague: "belt yourself in mister Mack. We are going for a ride. Meanwhile open a channel on
secure subspace to Fleet Admiral Ken Gillis.
We need to get to the bottom of this situation.
I suspect the Admiral does not know mister Jellico either.
In the meantime I do have some friends in this sector who have their own assets,
including the FSS Excelsior.
In case we need further assets, I suppose this is a good time to confirm that the large item in the Albion cargo bay
is indeed another ship. A runabout by the call sign Defiant. Perhaps you have heard of it."


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