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Please, No! Anything but this…

Posted on Wed Jul 7th, 2021 @ 4:08pm by Ensign Zander Prime

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: USS Albion

{USS Albion}

Prime: (Thank the heavens I was only thrown out of the court and not arrested. Best I make myself at home) ::Prime steps through the doorway which led into his quarters on the Albion and looks around the room::

Prime: “Bunk beds?!”

Grek: ::Steps out from the bathroom:: “Hey, are you my new roomie?” ::Stretches to shake Zander’s hand:: “Ensign Grek, astrometrics.”

Prime: (Oh God, a Klingon) “Ensign Zander Prime, Chief Intell Officer.” ::Shakes Grek’s hand and smiles nervously:: “Have you been here long?”

Grek: “Abord the Albion? No, only a day or so ahead of you.” ::Moves towards the replicator:: “Can I offer you some Gagh?”

Prime: ::Swallows hard to stop the sick feeling from escaping from his mouth and waves politely:: “I’m good for Gagh.” (I can’t think of anything worse!)

Grek: ::Turning to the replictor:: “Gagh, warm, extra slimy and sloppy.” ::Grek picks up the replicated Klingon dish and starts slurping down the food using his hands::

Prime: (This is what I get for being a junior officer) ::Zander moved into the room properly and drops his belongings onto his bunk. Turning towards the sloppy eating noises:: “Sure enjoying that Gagh, huh?”

Grek: ::Grunts positively in acknowledgement:: “I prefer the real thing.” ::Shovels another mouthful into his already full mouth:: “Especially when they wiggle and writhe down my throat.”

Prime: ::The nauseous feeling overtakes him and he runs into the bathroom::

Ensign Zander Prime
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Albion


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