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mack speaks to the defense

Posted on Mon Sep 13th, 2021 @ 2:10am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: starbase 10 court room


Sprague's Defense Counsel:
"your honor, defense requests a moment to confer with a friend of the court."

Judge: "you may confer."

::mack enters the court room and goes to the defense table, speaks to the defense for a few minutes, gives them
a data recorder::

Defense: "your honor, a friend of the court has provided us with a piece of evidence that we wish to enter into the court record
and allow the prosecution to examine."

Judge: "very well, what is this item?"

Defense: "an authenticated recorder record from a listening device hidden in admiral yoshimeyer's office. This device was earlier
established as credible and already used as evidence. it remains hidden in that office, with knowledge of fleet high command security."

Prosecution: "this is highly irregular. why would we agree to admit it?"

Defense: "your honor, note the time stamp on the record. It is only from about fifteen minutes ago. Defense motions that it
be played for the court."

Judge: "Prosecution, the record appears geniune. I see no reason why it should not be admitted as evidence, since it could establish
facts for either side, and is potentially material to the behavior of a person of interest for this case."

Prosecution: "we reserve the right to cross-examine the evidence, but cannot refuse it being entered into the record."

::Defense plays the record::

Record: "...

Yoshimeyer: "So Sprague isn't guilty???"

Main in Star Fleet Uniform: ::laughs:: "No, you imbecile. He's an incompetent boob who just happened to provide a timely diversion for us."

Yoshimeyer: "I see. Well, before you kill me, can I call my wife and kids to say goodbye?"

Main in Star Fleet Uniform: ::still holding a phaser on Yoshimeyer:: "Sure, no problem... but no funny business!"

Yoshimeyer: ::picks up his phone::

Another man in Star Fleet Uniform from the beginning of the mission:: ::suddenly appears:: "Arrest yourself!" ::disappears::

Main in Star Fleet Uniform: "What the--!?!"

Yoshimeyer: :throws phone at the Main in Star Fleet Uniform, knocking the phaser out of his hand::


Defense: "In view of the obvious evidence, which can be regarded as testimony, Admiral Yoshimeyer did not in fact know that Sprague was guilty
and obviously was given evidence to the contrary. We shall call the Admiral himself to explain his statement.
In the meantime, Defense moves that Admiral Yoshimeyer be charged with the following violations of fleet regulations:
1) false accusation against a starship captain
2) false imprisonment of a captain and various loyal crew
3) defamation of all those above
4) knowingly filing false charges against all of the above
5) yoshimeyer should be immediately relieved of command
6) yoshimeyer should be arrested and charged with the above, and be compelled to testify
to this court, regarding what he knows about Sprague's innocence
7) yoshimeyer should be compelled to provide testimony of who actually violated fleet commands
8) all charges against Sprague and his loyal crew should be immediately dismissed
9) all those unfairly defamed, should be permitted to file suits against yoshimeyer and
any known confederates, including freezing all Ferengi financial assets until such time that
an acceptable settlement for both criminal and civil complaints can be established with the victims.

Defense Rests."

"This court orders that prosecution against Captain Sprague cease and desist forthwith. Further
this court orders that admiral yoshimeyer be under subpoena to testify and be taken into protective
custody until that testimony is delivered. Under no circumstances does such testimony make him
immune to both criminal and civil actions as suggested by the evidence. To that end, this court
reserves the right to compel further testimony against admiral yoshimeyer and those found to be
in collusion or conspiracy with him.

Place admiral yoshimeyer in custody until further notice. If he refuses to cooperate, place him under
arrest and charge him with conspiracy."




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