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Mack's report

Posted on Mon Oct 11th, 2021 @ 3:40am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: albion conference room


Mack:: "well sir, here is more or less what we know right now, as of sensor and com sweeps up to about five minutes ago.
...Fleet detected a faint signal on the starbase com system, and has ordered us to check it out. The nature of the signal
appears to be some kind of intelligence but not one familiar to our computer database. It is possible that we are just losing
part of the signal integrity, but it APPEARS to be coming from mapped sector sector 4595. The triangulation suggest subsector
4595.1 but so far I cannot independently confirm that. It is possible that this is some kind of SOS beacon from an unfamiliar
life-form. It appears to be modulated in various ways, such that there might be more information included in it, than we have
so far determined, but it might also be encrypted in a manner that is not familiar to fleet security. In such a case, it is possible
that the sending source is under some kind of attack, and they are attempting to send a distress call not decoded by their

So the sensor array is continuing to seek some pattern to the signal, at least a repeat, suggesting a beacon. So far we have not
detected a complete repeat, rather what appear to be either fragments of the original signal picked up by Fleet, or possibly some
further details about the nature of their situation.

Sick bay is aware of the anomaly and is prepared to triage if we encounter wounded casualties, even if we are presently not aware
of their physiology.

Sensor scan and cartography data indicate a class B star and some form of a planetary system at a rather far distance from the star,
as conventional life forms and sophisticated cultures would tend to form from a star of that temperature range and EM spectra. At
this point we have not yet obtained enough sensor resolution to determine anything more than that.
Estimated time to that system at Warp 8 is approximately two earth weeks. I would expect sensors to provide more detail at about
half that distance.

What orders, sir?"


What do we know about the transmissions from sector 4595.1?


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