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Dressing Down From the XO

Posted on Thu Oct 14th, 2021 @ 6:20am by Commander Jackson Andrews

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: Current


[Andrews' Office]

Andrews: ::sighs as he facepalms:: (Good lord Mack what have you done) ::Continues reading report from Mack, when he gets a report from Doctor Spivick. Shortly thereafter Andrews tapped his badge:: =^=Andrews to Spivick, how is Rubbletree=^=

Spivick: =^=He is recovering in his quarters as we speak.=^=

Andrews: =^=Very good doctor thank you. Andrews out.=^= ::sighs again:: (I really don't want to do this, but I have to) ::taps commbadge:: =^=Mister Mack please report to my office immediate=^=

Mack: =^=Aye sir, right away=^= (What would Commander Andrews possibly want at this time. Perhaps it's because of the report I sent him, besides what happened to Rubbletree)

Andrews: ::Awaits Mack's arrival by scrolling through various reports sent to him::

Mack: ::After a few minutes Mack arrives at the XO's office and taps the door chime::

Andrews: ::Looks up from PADD:: "Enter"

Mack: ::Enters the room:: "You wanted to see me Commander?"

Andrews: ::Sighs:: "Yes. I did. Please have a seat. Before we get started, would you like anything to drink from the replicators?"

Mack: ::Sits down:: "No sir, but thank you for the offer" ::Looks curiously at Andrews:: "May I ask why you requested me here sir?"

Andrews:: ::Stands up and steps to his replicator:: "Coffee, with cream" ::A steaming cup of coffee appears out of the replicator:: "You may have guess why, Lieutenant" ::Sets coffee down on desk, but doesn't sit down yet::

Mack: "Is it the report I sent?"

Andrews: "Yes, and Doctor Spivick's report. Unfortunately, I do not know why Captain Sprague gave Rubbletree those files. But, I'll deal with that later. I have a more pressing matter to deal with, which is why you have been summoned here. I'd like to start off with how I drink my coffee."

Mack: "Sir?" (Why in the world would he bring up how he drinks- Oh. that's why)

Andrews: ::Looks at Macks expression, which showed that he already knew what was about to be said, or he at least had an idea:: "Well, Lieutenant, I drink my coffee with cream, with little added sugar. I do this because the creamer adds the sugar to it. I don't like my coffee too sweet, but I don't like it when it has too little sugar. And, if you wondering why I am telling you this, it's because I do not drink my coffee with poison oak. I mean, who drinks that!" ::Andrews chuckled, but that faded quickly:: "Lieutenant, do you know what you did wrong?"

Mack: "I know what I did wrong and I told you, but why was it important?"

Andrews: ::Looks at Mack with a vague hint of frustration:: "Why? I'll tell you why. First of all, you told our guest that was how I drink my coffee, which is completely untrue. Not only that, but now Mister Rubbletree is ill because of it. Your lucky he is alive." ::Andrews said sternly:: "I understand that mistakes happen, and normally I would leave it at that. But there is something else Lieutenant."

Mack: ::Looks a little bit shaken up:: "What would that be sir?"

Andrews: "You told me to be creative on how I told that Captain about this 'little incident'. I'll tell you. I'm going to tell him the truth. He does not deserve a modified response of what happened. While I'd like you to report it to him yourself, protocol mandates that I send a report to Captain Sprague. That being said, I want you to report your side of the story to the Captain. Any questions?"

Mack: "I- erm, no sir."

Andrews: "Good, dismissed." ::Mack walks out of Andrews' office:: (I hope I wasn't too harsh) ::Starts to sit back down, but jumps at the chime from his badge, which causes him to spill his coffee all over himself:: "Blast! I was looking forward to that coffee too." ::Taps badge:: =^=Andrews here=^=

Random Albion Officer: =^=Commander, random question?=^=

Andrews: =^=42.=^=


Uh oh, Mack gets reprimanded? Also 42.

Commander Jackson Andrews
Executive Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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