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better jokes for the captain

Posted on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 9:47pm by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: sick bay medical detainment


Mack happens by sickbay. "oh captain, there is a message for you from fleet. your eyes only."

sprague heads for a com station. "thank you mister mack."

don't mention it sir.

once the captain is out of sickbay, mack presses a button on his personal control unit, then
heads out of sickbay, pausing briefly in the hallway.

there is a scream from inside medical containment.

Rubbletree's hair is smoking and his pillow is fully involved in a green acrid flame from what remains of his PADD.

He runs aimlessly and slams into the containment force field. Evidently he has not been released yet.

Immediately the automated fire-control system hoses him down with a urine-smelling liquid.

=^="Mack to Security. Fire warning, already under control in Sick Bay."=^=
(to self) Hmmph. I really thought the holding tanks would have been empty, as Andrews ordered. I will have to look into that."

=^="Mack to Doctor. Question: can urine still be used to treat burns if it is mixed liberally with decaying fecal matter? Just curious. You know,
it's all about science."

=^="mack to computer. in 30 seconds please notify Doctor Spivick that his patient needs more burn treatment and a replacement for bedding
in his isolation unit but nothing else is to be replaced. End of message. Also Copy to Commander Andrews."

Sprague looks at the encoded message. From fleet but lacking any specific sender.
Text: "did you hear the one about the burning bed?"
"it will make you tear your hair out."



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