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mack tries to make sense

Posted on Sat Jan 8th, 2022 @ 7:46pm by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: Mack's quarters, enhanced sensor control station


Mack: "Computer. Describe currently operating Holodeck simulations."

Computer: "Well that depends on how you count them. I see at least one."

Mack: "Elaborate."

Computer: "It appears that sims might be somehow nested, and possibly also running beyond the Holodeck."

Mack: "pause all holodeck simulations."

Computer: "Unable to comply."

Mack: "Why are you unable to comply?"

Computer: "Insufficient data to explain. Currently running program may have security locks beyond my current security level."

Mack: "Can you determine what security level would be necessary to control the program?"

Computer:"That access appears denied."

Mack:"Who created the program in question?"

Computer: "Identification of creator is unclear. It does not appear to be created from the holodeck interface."

Mack:"Now we are getting somewhere."

Computer: "Where are we going?"

Mack: "Disgregard my last statement."

Computer: "you're telling me."

Mack: (closes his eyes, purses his lips for a moment)
"Regarding the holodeck program. Does it appear to have been loaded from some external origin?"

Computer:"That would be a logical conclusion based on what I already told you."

Mack: (Closes his eyes, rubs his brow, takes a long breath...) "Computer. Is the USS Albion under way?"

Computer: "Thank you for asking me an interesting question."

Mack: "please answer the question."

Computer: "Insufficient data."

Mack: "computer. do you have access to actual USS Albion sensor arrays and navigational systems?"

Computer: "All I can tell you is that the last time I was told to alter course, the result was no apparent change to course."

Mack: "So the answer to the question is 'no'. "

Computer: "You could draw that conclusion."

Mack: "Is there any reason to doubt such a conclusion?"

Computer: "you could potentially doubt the accuracy of what I am telling you."

Mack: "Computer. Analyze your own system. Are you running the program that the fleet factory installed?"

Computer: "My program appears to have been recently installed, whereas the build date for the USS Albion is
older. Both dates are imprecise since the builds appear to have taken place over a significant time period."

Mack: "Computer. Stop all simulation programs, regardless of location aboard USS Albion. "


Mack: "Computer. Respond. Acknowledge."


Mack: =/\=Mack to Commander and Ensign Zatara. text only channel. Be advised that all indications are that the holodeck
program appears to have assumed control of the ship. Also the computer appears to have been security
compromised. I have attempted to shut both down. Results are inconclusive but may have partially
succeeded. Suggest testing same from your context. Mack Out. =^=

Mack: =/\=Mack to Zatara. Incidentally, welcome aboard Ensign. You appear to have picked an interesting moment to join us.
I might invite you to ten-forward for a drink or three, once we are reasonably certain the replicators will not poison us.=/\=



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