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...into the Freezer... again

Posted on Mon Jan 10th, 2022 @ 6:49pm by Captain Dick Sprague

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Current



Mack: "with pleasure sir. I do have some pancorder features and some holo-sims that might be effective for that purpose. Mister Genno,
can you assist me with those."

Glitch Glitch.

Andrews, Mack, and Zatara: ::find themselves in a large gray room with purple grid lines::

Mack: "Definitely a holodeck."

Andrews: "But not Federation."

Zatara: "Does that mean we're no longer on the Albion?"

Reality flickers again...

{Frozen Tundra}

Andrews and Mack: ::both glare at Zatara::


Captain Dick Sprague
Commanding Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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