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objective reality

Posted on Mon Jan 10th, 2022 @ 9:15am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: various


{Unknown Hallway}

(the passageway seems to become larger and somewhat less well lit, of unfamiliar construction and leading to more panels)

Andrews, Mack, and Zatara: ::arrive at a door at the end of the passageway::

{Ice Planet}

Andrews, Mack, and Zatara: ::fall through the door into the frozen tundra... as the door swings closed and locked behind them::

Mack: =^=Computer. Halt all simulations...authorization follows..."=^=

Mack: "Commander. this would be a good time to use your authority."

Andrews: =^="Computer. authorization Andrews Delta One Five."=^=

Computer: "authorization accepted. Simulations halted."

Mack: =^=Computer. Initiate group station-to-station transport for five bridge crew to bridge. also initiate program Mack India Seven. Authorization follows..."
(looks at Andrews again)

Andrews: =^="Computer. authorization Andrews Delta One Five."=^=

(Andrews, Mack, Zatara, Genno and Sprague are all transported to the actual bridge.)

There they see rubbletree, lying with smoke coming from his pants, having touched the navigation helm which Mack's program had force-fielded.

Zatara: (pulls phaser from the console, puts it on stun, fires a shot at the writhing Rubbletree. The smoking pants exude a purple cloud.)

Andrews: "Ensign, this might be a good time to get us under way. Anywhere but here, Warp Six on your volition."

Zatara: (finally gets her hands on the real controls) "with pleasure sir. engaging warp with coordinates to deep space."

Mack: (looks at the science station, noting some evidence of tampering, sets his pancorder on general scan of the station)
"Computer. Initiate level five diagnostic of all ship security systems. Immediately disable all programs not known to be of federation
factory origin. Isolate and contain those programs, initiate scans to identify origin, installation and activation time-stamps. Forward
copy of analysis to fleet as soon as available."

Andrews: "mister rubbletree. you are under arrest and will be sent to the brig until further notice."
"Captain. You are hereby notified that you are are relieved of command and also under arrest."

Mack: "commander. scans indicate that we were approaching some kind of large ship or small base. Flag unknown. Suggest requesting Fleet
assignment to further examine and presume it to be hostile. Consider recommending that Fleet send re-enforcements pending our further
findings of the nature of the threat. Further suggest sending this request to someone other than Admiral Yoshimeyer. And noting that
starbase 10 flag command may be a double-agent for a hostile entity."

Andrews: "noted Lieutenant. Meanwhile please come up with some suggestions of ways to interrogate mister Rubbletree."

Mack: "with pleasure sir. I do have some pancorder features and some holo-sims that might be effective for that purpose. Mister Genno,
can you assist me with those."



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