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mack's program runs

Posted on Wed Jan 12th, 2022 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack
Edited on on Wed Jan 12th, 2022 @ 6:19am

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: virtual sims and warp cores



{Bridge on an Ice World}

Andrews, Hadden, Genno, Mack, and Zatara: ::find themselves in irons at the top of the bridge::

{Bridge on an Ice World}

Zatara: ::looking up:: "What was that?"

Andrews: "It looks like a ship just left orbit at warp speed."

Mack: "It's supposed to look like that." =^=Computer. Deactivate Simulation.=^=

Computer: "deactivated."

(rubbletree's ice-word sim becomes an empty sim container.)

Mack: "mister rubbletree's version of albion is a sim, and not really going anywhere. He just thinks it is.
He is actually in a holo-suite program in the brig. It is best that he remain there. The program is
elaborate enough to keep him from detecting that he isn't really going anywhere until we choose to
breach his warp core. "
=^=computer. restore bridge context.=^=

Computer: "transporting out of simulation."

(crew returns to bridge. there is still a slight odor of purple smoke and a slight stain on the floor of the bridge.)

Mack: (mostly to himself): "simulate this, mister rubbletree."
(to Genno): "now, I believe we were in the way to the cargo bay."
(to Andrews): "Oh, Commander. You will want to be aware that the sim which contains mister rubbletree is designed
to continue learning, as any of our computer becomes more familiar with the apparent destination that rubbletree had
hijacked the ship to orbit. Permission to also simulate characters on the planet for him to appear to communicate with."

Andrews: "so ordered. it would seem appropriate to keep him entertained. The computer core usage might be significant but I
would tend to agree it is probably a worth while investment until a dedicated computer can be obtained for that permanent purpose."

Mack: "Computer. Enhance program Mack delta twenty-two, authorization follows..."

Andrews:"Computer. use authorization Andrews delta one five. Activate and maintain, acknowledge, report any attempt to countermand."

Computer: "acknowledged."

(Mack and Genno enter the cargo bay. There is a large container.) =^="commander. please release the cargo container locks."=^=

Andrews: =^="computer. release access locks on cargo container. authorization Andrews delta one five."=^=

(the container de-materializes, exposing a heavily armed runabout, designation "ISS Martin". A hatch opens and a short stairway leads
to the interior.)

Mack: "Welcome to your new home for the next few days, mister Genno. There is already a course laid in for the destination that
had been aborted when rubbletree seized the albion bridge. I trust your helm skills are still current. At this point I am not at all
certain where we are going, but the sensor array should gradually inform us."

(they enter the ISS martin, and proceed to the bridge. the hatch and stairway stows. once on the bridge, Mack takes the chair.)

Mack: =^="Albion Commander Andrews. Request authorization to assume command of ISS Martin."=^=

Andrews: =^="Command of ISS Martin conferred upon Lieutenant JG Julius Mack. Second in Command, Lieutenant Sheeresha Genno.
Authorization Andrews Delta One Five. Good voyage Commanders."=^=

Mack: =^="Thank you commander. request release of docking clamps, open bay doors, de-pressurize. =^=
Computer. Transfer Engineering controls and science station to command chair. Weapons and tactical sensors to Helm. "

Computer: "control transfers complete."

Mack: =^=" Engineering. Impulse Engines start. Initiate warp core field.=^=

(Martin levitates, warp nacelles begin to glow.)

Mister Genno, take us out."

(the Martin heads out, impulse power on Genno's control for about 50,000 meters, then warp five for the rubbletree destination.)

Mack: "activate cloak, produce distraction pattern random-A5 . Ready shields and weapons."
"Computer. Establish sensor array link to USS Albion, sim program Mack Delta twenty two. Describe ISS Martin current destination and Estimate time of arrival."

(bridge lighting lowers slightly, enhancing primary viewer screen with slightly dopper-shifted stars, in REAL space this time.)

"Computer. replicate one-pint hot chai-tea-latte, transport to command chair side-rail. Recipe known to Albion computer if details needed.
Open subspace message channel to fleet admiral Ken Gillis. 'ISS Martin is under way.' "



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