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Risa, the vacation destination

Posted on Sat Jan 15th, 2022 @ 2:11am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: probably not risa mostly


{Risa, Beach}


Waiter: "You screwed up, Rubbletree. The Albion hasn't met its checkpoints, you must have put in the wrong course."

Rubbletree: "That's impossible, I checked it twice, three... I mean four times!"

{Jail Cell}

Mack: "Computer Mack Bravo Lima." ::nothing happens::

Andrews: ::glares at Mack::

Mack: "I just thought I'd try."

Sprague: ::materializes in from a Romulan transporter beam; lowers his arm as if activating a slot machine:: "Big money, big money!" ::looks around:: "Wait, I didn't win the jackpot?"

{aboard romulan warbird}

Subcommander: ::Rubs chin menacingly:: “Looks like Rubbletree wasn’t such a bad asset after all…” ::Rubs chin again:: “Take us within transporter distance. We’ll board her empty corridors and take control. Inform Commander Nniol of the developments immediately!”

{Secluded Hut, Risa}

Romulan: ::Communicator chirps:: “Nniol here.”

Sublieutenant: =/\=Commander Nniol, the Albion is now in orbit of Risa. We are moving to intercept and to beam over.=/\=

Romulan Commander: “All right. Tell them disruptors on stun, good luck, Nniol out.” ::Looks over to Rubbletree:: “It seems you accomplished your mission. Now I have no further use for you.”

{Romulan Warbird, Brig}

Rubbletree: ::thrown into the cell::

Bob: ::already in the cell:: "Oh, hey Roy."

Random Romulan: ::activates security beam:: "Despite your errors, we were still able to get our hands on the Albion. It's your luck day because if not, you both would have been eliminated."

{Albion bridge}

::At the centre of the Albion’s bridge, the senior staff are transported from their jail cell back onto the starship::

Andrews: ::Looks around, dazed by all the transporting and holodeck rouses::

Zatara: ::Realises that they have returned to their ship, before noticing the Romulans:: “Sir! We’re back on the Albion! And we’ve got guests!”

Sprague: “Romulans? On my bridge? ::Stares at Romulans:: “Are you sure that they’re Romulans?”

Andrews: “Computer, erect a level eight forcefield around any life-sign registering as Romulan!”

Mack: ::still crouched down from chiseling on the jail wall, now chiseling on the wall of the bridge::

Barf: ::mixing his giant pot of gruel:: "What the-!?"

Mack: SPARK! ::thrown back across the bridge::

Romulan away team: ::forcefield around them drops::

Genno: (behind her back, sets a phaser to overload in about fifteen seconds, to herself...fifteen, fourteen...)

Mack: "damn! the force field is down!"
(grabs a power conduit and points it at the Romulans). "this should fix you!"

Genno: (casually, to romulans...) "too bad about what commanders do to returning missions of failed away teams...
you might want weapons that actually do something, since your disruptors are disabled."

Romulans: (set their weapons at maximum, find them not operable...glance at one another with an expression of both confusion and dread)

Genno: (to herself" six, five...")
"here, you'll want this more than we will..."
tosses the overloading phaser to one of the romulans...just as their transporter beams them out)

Mack: (waits until the romulans have transported out, reconnects the power coupling and smiles to himself)
"Nicely done, Mister Genno."

Genno: (nods slightly, purses her lips and returns her attention to the tactical station).

{romulan warbird bridge}

Sublieutenant: "sir, the containment field is dropped. we can get them out."

Commander: "fool! waste no time! transport them here to the bridge! I will personally execute them!"
(takes a disruptor rifle from a crew member, sets it to maximum power...)

(romulan transporter energizes...)

{Albion Bridge, about ten seconds later...}

Genno: "tactical sensors indicate a violent explosion signature on the Romulan Warbird Bridge...
that area of the ship appears to be ejecting multiple fading life-form signatures into space..."

Zatara: (to Andrews) "Shall we attempt to recover any victims? We do have transporter lock."

Andrews: "beam any apparently-human signatures, regardless of health, and unarmed romulans directly to the brig."

Second Lieutenant Janeway: =^="transporter has recovered several life forms. one human. one romulan. one unclear.
all transported directly to brig. Level 8 force field activated. Any further orders?"=^=

Genno: "I apologize sir. I only intended to destroy their transporter capability. The detonation seems to have
been much more violent than anticipated, and taken place on the bridge, apparently destroying several
decks in the command section."

Mack: (examining sensor readouts from tactical and science stations):" I cannot determine if a warp
core breach is imminent but it is possible due to a field chain-reaction. recommend establishing
a cautionary distance."

Andrews: Helm. Warp two, any destination outside warp breach radius, engage."

Zatara: "warp two. Higher warp available in case of evidence of instability."

Mack: "Computer. halt and delete all sim programs except those currently running in the USS Albion holodeck. Confirm and maintain,
report any attempts to subvert. Authorization follows..."
(nods to Andrews )

Andrews: (stops glaring and does his job):" Aaah...Computer, authorize Andrews Delta one-five."

Computer: "stop of five extended sim programs. one currently containing life forms, all others sim-biants only, purpose for creation unclear."

Andrews: "Computer. Transfer all holo-sim life-forms to brig, individual isolated containments. verify creator and timestamp of halted and deleted programs. maintain level eight containment for entire brig."

Computer: "deleted programs appeared to be of non-federation design. time-stamps appeared to be within the last earth week but may have been tampered. check algorithms do not match the creation signature of the actual program instructions. may be of hostile design."

Andrews: "computer. initiate a level five security integrity check on all USS Albion and ISS Martin systems."

Mack: (smiles at Andrews for a moment. Does not choose to say anything except) "Very good sir."
(to Genno.) "Mister Genno. Since apparently you have been recently lucid for longer that I was, please describe what you
experienced over the last 48 standard hours. Computer. Please record mister Genno's statement and Commander Andrews' orders as USS Albion ship's log."

Genno: "Mister Mack and myself were aboard the ISS Martin.
Prior to that we were on the veritable bridge of the USS Albion.
Prior to that we were in various brig simulations but the details are somewhat inconsistent.
It is possible that we are still in a sim NOW, but Commander Andrews lacks the command
authority to get us out of it. I see no evidence of wrongdoing
on the part of the ISS Martin crew. It is possible we are still actually aboard that vessel."

"computer. please comment on the accuracy of my narrative."

Computer: "no obvious sensor inconsistency. Level five security check running, results pending."

Mack: "computer. locate the risa transport party including mister rubbletree, and execute a station-to-station transport for two,
and suspend transport once subjects are in stasis. Also transport captain sprague back to his familiar holodeck simulation
and secure that environment as a brig cell. Authorization follows..."
(smiles at Andrews again)

Andrews: "computer. use authorization andrews delta one-five. extend authorization voiceprint and bioprint."

Computer: "redundant orders noted"

Mack: "Commander. in order to accomplish anything further without you constantly present sir,
I really need higher command authority."

Genno: "Commander. I do have to endorse mister mack's request. if we are going to be under way on ISS Martin,
at least one of us needs commander status."

Andrews: "I will consider that."

(text only, your-eyes-only)=^="From Admiral Ken Gillis, Fleet Command. Yes Commander Andrews, you will consider that."=^=

(rubbletree and the waiter suddenly are transported to a Constellation Class vessel brig.)

(from the brig PA system, unseen...)
"Federation High Command trusts that soon your memory of details of your unauthorized mission
will become common knowledge, mister Rubbletree.
Meanwhile some of your partners have been singing like birds, and further implicating you.
Right now you are looking that the rest of your days in a penal colony, mining heavy metals.
You are strongly recommended to narrate the nature of your mission and whom you work for."



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