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the hot potato overload

Posted on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 @ 12:42am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: albion bridge and random deep space coordinates

Computer: "Error code 404. Please clarify the command."


Genno: "Computer. create a level 8 containment field around mister mack and the phaser. Transport entire container to buffer containment
stasis." Authorization follows..."
(looks at andrews...)

Andrews: (Damn technology) "Computer, use authorization Andrews-Gamma-Echo-Thirty-Two".

(Mack and phaser both de-materialize).

Computer: "buffer stasis established".

Genno: computer. "calculate phaser overload blast radius and locate a new containment field at that deep space location."

Computer: "containment field created."

Genno: "maintain integrity of transport statis buffer. Transfer stasis buffer to deep space containment field."

computer: "transfer complete."

Genno: "computer. analyze containment stasis buffer patterns. isolate human pattern from all others, transport human buffer back to transporter of USS Albion."

Computer: "transfer of human buffer pattern to Albion transporter confirmed."

Genno: "computer. analyze human transport pattern buffer stasis, level five filters, narrate findings."

Computer: "pattern appears to be Lieutenant Mack, absent of uniform, but containing unusual implant technology."

Genno: "describe implant technology"

Computer: "there are six such implants. five appear to be medical surgery artifacts. the sixth appears to be more recent and may be a non-fleet homing/beacon device."

Genno: "Computer. Filter the homing/beacon device and create a separate buffer to contain it, upon re-materialization."

Computer: "creation of buffer and transfer of device pattern confirmed."

Genno: "re-materialize mister mack's pattern to the bridge ready-room."

(brief humming sound from ready room)

Computer: "re-materialization completed."

(Genno Looks at Andrews. Andrews goes to ready room, looks in door.)

Andrews: (to Mack) "there is a ceremonial uniform in the closet next to the outside window. Consider
it a gift."

Genno: "Computer. Analyze remaining containment buffers."



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