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the rising of the phoenix

Posted on Fri Feb 4th, 2022 @ 9:43pm by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Good Ole' Boys
Location: starbase 40 sickbay


{USS Albion, Bridge}

::sensors at science station detect unusual activity on a supposedly unmanned bridge. they relay that notification to Mack.::

{Starbase 40, Sickbay}

Mack, Genno & Spivick: ::in traction::

Mack: (to medical orderly) "I assume in your supplies you have tissue regenerators. Please deploy those and have someone trained
to use them, report here immediately. "

Orderly: "yes sir. I will see what I can find." (the orderly heads for the medical supply center)

Mack: =^="Albion Computer: Record Mack, personal log. I am at this moment in starbase 40 sickbay.
I shall assume accountability for our poor judgment relating to the Klingon-Cardassian bar and
the Paresees' Squares incidents. Shortly I will take steps to deal with that situation which appears to be a security breach on starbase 40.
Meanwhile my remote sensor link suggests other disturbances on the Albion bridge while we have been aboard the starbase. I have queued
the bridge science station to scan further and report details of events in the immediate surroundings and any log entries or security events.
At this moment, that follow-up information is pending and as far as I know, the bridge was supposed to be stood down while Albion was
docked. All personnel were aboard the station last I was aware. Ship's engineering crew had coverage of the bridge until the crew was expected
to return, but obviously that has been delayed. Computer, close log entry."=^=

(orderly returns with tissue regenerator): "sir, we are short of hands due to a crisis involving many crew in bar fights with cardassians".

Mack: "very well, we will manage with the device on our own. Please revive mister Spivick and give him enough painkillers to make him
able to handle the device. He is a medical corpsman."

(orderly gives a hypo to Spivick, who comes around but still appears quite drunk. Despite that, spivick manages to hypo himself.)

Genno:: is coming around herself, vaguely begins to realize where she is. "Mack, I don't feel so good. Do you know what happened?"

Mack: "my best guess is that the cardassians had some friends behind us, who did not bother to observe social formalities. That is the second-to-last
time I choose to spend my leave in a dive bar near the border of Bravo Quadrant. Mister Genno, can you see if Spivick has any sobering hypos in
his kit?"

Genno::grabs Spivick's kit with some difficulty, wincing from her own injuries. "no, I don't even see contents in his kit anymore. I'm thinking the cardassians made off with it. There was enough epicack in there to lay out a
numerian lion. I doubt they know what they are carrying. It would be amusing to imagine if they chose to taste it. Not knowing of course how
that would affect cardassian physiology."

Spivick::begins to sort out his faculties::" I'm not much of a drinker, so I'm guessing that someone in the bar drugged us. Who knows what else
they did or why. Really our injuries do not appear all that serious."
::uses the tissue regenerator first on himself, mostly to be sure it is working. it clicks on, produces a bright pink light and a low humming
sound, and Spivick slowly waves it back and forth over his other wrist, then a large contusion over his jaw. Satisfied with that, he moves his
wrist around slowly at first, then frowns and nods::"Okay, who's first?"

Genno::offers her arm, in a sling with some sort of bandage. Spivick unwraps the bandage and applies the tissue regenerator::

Spivick:"I'm not sure how well it works with your physiology, so I'm relying on your feedback. Even if it works, I strongly suggest you take it
easy for a while. Which means no pareesee's squares especially against anyone looking vaguely Klingon."

Genno::cautiously moves her arm, then her elbow and wrist.::"why don't we have these aboard the Ship?"

Spivick:"we have a few of them. so far there hasn't been much need. our ten forward bar is a much more amiable place as I am told, not
having actually been there."

Genno:"when we have time, I'd like to be trained in how to use one. I could see great tactical advantages in those skills with an away team."

Spivick:"I'm sorry, I do not know about managing bars on away teams."

Genno:"I was referring to the tissue regenerator, not to situations notoriously for doing the opposite."

Spivick::nods::"come and see me when we are under way somewhere. Meanwhile you're next mister Mack."::Looks over Mack::
"As I recall you have some non-human implants and various enhancements that the tissue regenerator is not likely to work with very well."

Mack:"Those are human-bionic, designed to adapt non-reactively to human tissues, so they are likely undamaged and not a problem with a
regenerator, as far as I am aware. They were installed to deal with some severe injuries, the details of which appear to have been wiped from
my memory for some reason."

Spivick:"I'll take your word for it."::applies the regenerator to various contusions including various facial wounds.::"The feedback on the device suggests that there is still remaining damage that it might be able to fix, on a higher setting. Do you want me to try that?"

Mack:"It's not like we are in a great hurry, so let's give it a shot."

Spivick::rotates part of the device, producing clicking sounds, then clicks it on and proceeds to move it more slowly around Mack's face and head::
"The feedback indicates there is some tissue restored, but it's anyone's guess what that result would be. If it is brain tissue, the results might be
gradual, over the next few days, even weeks. There is also some indication of repair to damage in one eye and a mild sinus condition"

Mack:"noted. Maybe we should have tried this sooner. I had no idea the device could do that. I agree with Genno, we should be trained in these
for tactical operations."

Spivick:"well, it is a relatively recent model, and improvements have been made to it, by various contributors from far reaches of the fleet."

Mack::feeling generally better, examining the feedback from his sensor station downloads::
=^="computer. locate mister zatara, mister janeway, mister hadden and commander andrews."=^=

Computer:"zatara and janeway are in a starbase 10 level fifteen public area. Mister hadden is not in communicator range,
last known to be in security custody. Commander andrews is in the flag rank offices on level five of starbase 40."

Mack:"computer. send a your eyes-only text message to zatara and janeway, copy to andrews. 'suggest zatara and some other team accompany
the admiral's repair people to the aft cargo bay of albion. they might be able to get past the security locks on that large container.
We need to see to it however that if they do, they see nothing of the contents until we have examined it as fully as benefits the Albion
Crew since we do not know who put it there nor why. suggest further that mister janeway conceal herself in that immediate vicinity
with a stun phaser, to relieve our guests of consciousness just in case the admiral's people
are successful in getting the locks open. Under no circumstances are flag ranks to be notified at this time. Some of them appear to be
involved in the security breach. More later.' "

Mack: "computer. send your eyes only text to andrews. 'confirmed commander, the sensor array is working properly. I can arrange
for competent repair of bridge facilites from starbase engineering. I have no idea who those repair crew from the admiral's office
are. suggest covert scans of their physiology at earliest opportunity and comparison with that of our friends found at the klingon bar.
I will shortly provide that latter scan data. Mack out.' "



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