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Startin’ a war

Posted on Sat Feb 5th, 2022 @ 10:17am by Ensign L Zatara
Edited on on Sat Feb 5th, 2022 @ 10:22am

Mission: The Good Ole' Boys
Location: USS Albion, Forward Torpedo Room
Timeline: Present


{USS Albion, Forward Torpedo Room}

Zatara: :: Arrives to see Bruno and Jimmy G pushing torpedoes over as though they were nothing :: “You two need to be careful with those!”

Bruno: :: Turns his head quickly and adjusts his sunglasses :: “Where’s da manual launch control, Doll-face?”

Jimmy G: “Yeah, where’s da big shiny button that fires these things?” :: Adjusts sunglasses, fully aware of the Cardassian ships now surrounding the Albion ::

Zatara: :: Completely oblivious to the Cardassian ships now surrounding the Albion :: “Well I guess it won’t do any harm to show you. It’s this button here…”

{USS Albion, Bridge}

Andrews: :: Watches open mouthed as a torpedo appears to be launched from the Albion toward one of the Cardassian ships, hitting it directly in its secondary hull :: “Are we firing torpedoes?!”

Tactical Ensign: “I wish I knew!”

Andrews: “Well it sure looks like it!”

Tactical Ensign: “Shields up, Captain?”

Random crewman: “Captain, our shields!”

Tactical Ensign: “Shields up, Captain?”


Ensign Laurel Zatara
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Albion, NCC-3020


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