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Holding Steady

Posted on Mon Feb 7th, 2022 @ 10:47am by Ensign Laurel Zatara

Mission: The Good Ole' Boys
Location: Albion, Bridge
Timeline: Present


{USS Albion, Bridge}


Cardassian: =/\= What do you think you're doing!? I'm going to report this to Blamer! =/\= ::cuts transmission::


Andrews: :: Removes the sunglasses :: “That was close. Good thinking, Ensign.”

Zatara: “I knew the Cardassians would be expecting a transmission from those idiots in the torpedo room, so it made sense that our charade would work.”

Andrews: :: Nods :: “At least it saves us from a potential dogfight around Starbase 40!”

Zatara: “What should we do with our guests in the torpedo room?”

Andrews: “Now that we know that they are corrupt and working for Blamer, we’ll need to keep them out of the picture for a while. We may need them later to incriminate the Admiral.”

Zatara: “Shall I transport them to the brig?”

Andrews: :: Nods again :: “Make it so.”

Zatara: :: Turns away from Andrews and begins walking towards transporter control, but stops :: “Sir, can I ask one thing? Can I keep wearing these cool shades for now?” :: Points at sunglasses ::

Andrews: :: Shrugs in an almost surrendering manner :: “Do what you want, Ensign. Until we get a hold of this situation I don’t think anyone knows what exactly is going on around here.”


Ensign Laurel Zatara
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Albion, NCC-3020


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