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A duo becomes a trio

Posted on Sat Feb 26th, 2022 @ 9:05am by Ensign L Zatara

Mission: The Good Ole' Boys
Location: Starbase 40
Timeline: Present

{Blamer’s Office}

Bruno & Jimmy G: ::Walk into Blamer’s office looking a little ragged after busting out of the Albion’s brig::

Blamer: “You idiots! How can you mess this up on such a Biblical scale!” ::Slaps them across their faces in disgust:: “I thought even you two could carry out such a simple mission!”

Sprague: ::Just watches from the corner of the room, chocolate sundae in hand, not entirely sure what is going on::

Blamer: ::Opens desk drawer and gives Bruno and Jimmy G fresh pairs of sunglasses:: “I’ve got an idea… Dick! Dick my good man, how would you like to get back onto the Albion?”

Sprague: ::Wipes his chocolate covered mouth with his sleeve:: “Yes I think I’d like that. Yes please.”

Blamer: ::Gives Sprague a third pair of sunglasses:: “Put these on Dick. They’ll make you look cool.”

Sprague: ::Puts sunglasses on::

Blamer: “You’re already looking 98% more cool!” ::Moves away from Sprague’s hearing to speak to Bruno and Jimmy G:: “Make sure this idiot is back on his ship in the next hour along with the ‘device’. The Cardassians and I want Sprague and his crew out of the way.”

Bruno: ::Scratches his head:: “Say, uh, boss, what’s the ‘device’?”

Blamer: “The ‘device’ is a pocket sized thermonuclear weapon that I’m going to give Sprague.” ::Reaches into his desk again to reveal a box wrapped in gold packaging and a ribbon::

Jimmy G: “Smart thinkin’ boss!”

Blamer: ::Turns to Sprague:: “These two gents will shortly escort you back to the transporter facilities so that you can beam back over to your ship. Take this with you… ::Gives Sprague the box:: a little something as a token of our appreciation.”

Sprague: “Did I win something? Did I win this box? Did I get CO of the month?”

Blamer: “Uh, yeah… sure you did Dick. But don’t open it until you’re back on the Albion! Its a surprise!”

Ensign Laural Zatara
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Albion


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