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mack for the defense

Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2022 @ 6:04am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Good Ole' Boys
Location: Albion Engineering


Mack::locates an less than adequately staffed transporter room on starbase 40. Lacking sufficient time to explain, stuns the single duty
station junior officer:: "Sorry pal, nothing personal. Sweet dreams of Rigel Four and an appealing alien of some kind."

::Mack sets the transporter coordinates to Albion engineering, stealth mode, sets a phaser to overload, leaves it on the transporter
control console, to blow in 1 minute. Then drags the unconscious officer to the other end of the room, out of the blast radius, but takes
his comm badge. He taps the two comm badges and puts the borrowed one in his pocket.
Then activates the transporter for 15 second energize delay and hops aboard::

(aboard Albion, arriving transporter room, then to engineering)

::shuts down the transporter lest anyone else come aboard, activates a transporter filter and point-to-point projection. Evaluates his sensor array scans
as having been analyzed ongoing from his science officer station on the Albion bridge and streamed to his advanced station in his quarters. They
indicate presence of various famiiliar and unfamiliiar life-signatures on the bridge and a variety of both lethal and non-lethal weapons and tools,
none of which belong on the bridge of a starship...

Mack activates a series of point-to-point transports, first involving Captain Sprague, still holding his "gift" and the chocolate sundae (now partly melted
as the sensor scan indicated).

Sprague and his items silently de-materialize from the Albion bridge while the sunglass-wearing "repair" team are looking elsewhere.
Sprague re-materializes in the court room on starbase 40. Mack uses the same coordinates for the comm badge he borrowed from the groggy
starbase 40 transporter duty officer, who soon will be looking for duty elsewhere, perhaps in a transporter room where a console will
be working soon.

The borrowed badge de-materializes and appears on the floor a few feet away from the mystified, dis-oriented, sundae-quaffing Sprague.

Mack taps his comm badge, linking to the badge he just sent.::

=^=" may it please the court, Lieutenant JG Julius Sumner Miller Mack Albion Crew, for the defense.
I apologize for the intrusion but I am currently in command of the Albion, in a location that for the moment must not be disclosed.
Your Honor and Jury, The items transported, are defense evidence.

...Cursory scans of those will show the following: Captain Sprague is under mind-control drugs, provided in his chocolate sundae. He is in possession
of some kind of weapon. Scans of it, will match fingerprints and bio-signatures of not only himself but others also on starbase 40 who are complicit
in an attack upon Albion and a profound security breach of starbase 40. Details of communicator transmissions of that same flag rank individual
will also indicate log irregularities and unauthorized subspace communications with various hostile vessels. Those vessels are already known to be
in this quadrant and sector and capable of defeating basic security on starbase 40 and various other ships docked here.
All evidence is indicative of a grave violation of Fleet Oath to Serve and diplomatic violations."

"Further evidence remains aboard the Albion, in a sym cell within the brig. At least two individuals who are also complicit in both the flag rank
security breach as well as unauthorized access to weapons arrays on Albion. They appear to have been transported aboard as a repair crew but
routine enhanced questioning techniques will likely expose that they are not the slightest bit capable of repairing more than their uniform trousers.
Nor is there anything on Albion requiring repair. I suspect but cannot prove that the hostile ships are expecting some kind of assets to be turned
over to them, possibly including Albion herself."

"I strongly suggest that upon examining this evidence and the overall health of Captain Sprague, that the latter be relieved pending mental fitness
and Commander Andrews be located and restored to command of the Albion immediately, along with the rest of his crew who have been wrongly
accused. I strongly recommend that the flag rank individual and his loyalists, such as they are, be immediately arrested and held in maximum
security with transport blocks for both Federation and Hostile transporter projections. I can provide coordinates for the other participants
currently held unawares in my brig. Mack out."=^=

::mack then activates the same simulator cell that had held Sprague for days, and transports Blamer's confederates there. The simulator looks enough
like the Albion bridge, that they do not know they are now elsewhere. Their simulated view screen also shows some Cardassian ships, so everything looks normal except that none of their actions actually accomplish anything and they cannot leave.::

=^="Mack to Genno and Zatara, subspace, secure channel. You may shortly find yourselves free and restored to your rank.
Follow this channel to indicate if you
require further assistance. Feel free to use the channel as a transport coordinate but be aware there are certain filters in place that will disarm you
and probably cause you to arrive out of uniform. Share this channel and the same warning with anyone whom you are sure are Albion crew, since
the filter will also verify bio-signature, and take appropriate measures if the subject of transport is not known to match the filter settings.
Mack out and monitoring."=^=



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