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Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2023 @ 11:47pm by Lieutenant Julius Mack

Mission: The Assessment
Location: Albion, cargo bay 1

Mack: ::approaches with scanner:: "Confirmed--all equipment scheduled for delivery to Viridian IV has been 100% destroyed."

Mack::sends scanner results to grexx and genno. includes with it his scan results from the equipment in his quarters.

=^="mack to genno and grexx. text only, your eyes only. note the data. the outward appearance is that the cargo contents are destroyed, except
their mass appears to still be aboard the ship. I really don't know what to make of this. Maybe some kind of cloak."=^=

Cromwell: ::approaches with PADD:: "Dick, the next phase of your assessment will be in the crew lounge."

Mack::overhears the above. Copies that conversation to grexx and genno.
=^="incidentally, who are these guys that appear to be grilling the captain? Has anyone seen their identification?"=^=

Grexx::" grexx to mack, text only. proceed to examine the cargo bays for further information, mister mack. report immediately if you find anything relevant. grexx out."=^=

Grexx:: quietly to Genno. "what do we know about these commodore-people exactly?"

Genno: "they did not come aboard with clearance from me. I presumed they had flag clearance, and had all of the apparent security signatures."

(taps badge) =^="to mack, text only...can you quietly scan that examination party for high level fleet clearance? Use my level for security
permission." Genno out.=^=



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