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Shower, Hot Chocolate, SURPRISE!

Posted on Fri Apr 7th, 2023 @ 1:26pm by Ensign Alyssa Strong

Mission: The Assessment
Location: Alyssa’s Quarters, USS Albion
Timeline: Present

Alyssa stepped out of the sonic shower and reached the towel which she had placed on the sink ready for when she’d finish showering. Using the towel she dabbed herself down from head to toe before wrapping the towel around herself.

She walked out into the main living area of her quarters and made her way towards the replicator. Her quarters felt nice and toasty, and she was grateful that she’d raised the temperature a degree or two before getting into the shower. “Computer,” I want to try something different for my evening beverage.

“Please specify.” Came the response.

Alyssa shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. Something… different.”

“There are seven thousand nine hundred and twenty four beverages to choose from.” The computer answered unhelpfully.

“How about…” the woman sighed, “how about something chocolatey?”

Again, the computer was not entirely helpful. “There are Five hundred and ninety four beverages that contain chocolate available.”

Alyssa finally gave up. “Computer, just give me a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.”

The hot drink was replicated a moment later and the grateful Ensign carried the cup over to the couch. She lowered herself down onto the soft welcoming embrace of the couch and breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a tough shift, and she was thankful that she would now be able to finally relax before commencing alpha shift in the morning.

Without a sound, and certainly without warning, Captain Sprague materialised in the middle of Alyssa’s quarters. She screeched loudly, shocked that her commanding officer was now in her quarters. She pulled up her towel to cover her modesty, spilling the hot chocolate all over the floor in the process.

Sprague looked around, dumbfounded. He genuinely looked confused and didn’t appear to know what to say.

“Captain Sprague!” Alyssa shouted. “What are you doing here?!”

Sprague looked around one more time. He pinched the back of his hand strongly in an apparent means to check to see if he was really awake or not. The pain seemed to indicate that he was indeed awake. “Ensign, one moment I was standing in my quarters about to order my third chocolate sundae of the evening, this time with sprinkles, and the next I’m standing here.”

Alyssa sensed no malice from the man, so relaxed slightly. “Okay, well, we need to figure out what is happening, because I don’t want people appearing in my quarters randomly. Especially since I just got out of the shower!”

The Captain nodded, finally realising the woman was wearing nothing but a towel. “Oh my!” He blushed slightly as he turned an started making his way out to the corridor. “Meet me on the bridge in 10 minutes. I’ll scan myself to see what might be the problem. I’d recommend scanning your quarters too. Just in case.”

And with that, the man left the living area. Leaving Alyssa and her towel alone once again. She quickly made her way into her bedroom and got changed into her uniform. Unfortunately for her, the evening was only just beginning.


Ensign Alyssa Strong
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Albion


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