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Debriefing on the issue of cargo transport failed

Posted on Mon Mar 6th, 2023 @ 8:14pm by Captain Emily Janeway

Mission: The Assessment
Location: Uss. Albion marine corp base conference room
Timeline: Current


Captain Emily Janeway::pressing the buttons of the console panel to the monitor panel to the marine mission center::

Cargo ::looking like it’s being built for voyage mission worthy of being useful::

Tryon:: I’m willing to guess the first load of weapons cargo was delivered for the military deployment operations last months had not arrived yet for deployment to colonies that we were supposed to deployed there.::

Captain Emily Janeway:: that’s very close self logistical explanation Tryon attitude towards us attempting to create a tactical solution for us to understand what we are going to do need for our safety and security in order to redeploy our military combat troops forces and our heavy military weapons and equipment and defense various types units::

It’s good that everybody is going back to mission posts


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