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Posted on Sat Feb 20th, 2021 @ 9:30pm by Lieutenant Moria Hadden

Mission: Nebulous
Location: Us
Timeline: Current

ON: (USS Albion, Bridge - Leaving Altara Nebula in Pursuit of Capt.)

The Albion shot after the Captain at Warp 8.

Hadden: :: Hands on hips. :: "What's the Captain saying about the Holodeck?"

Genno: "I asked his location; he said the holodeck"

Andrews: :: Shaking his head. :: Which is clearly incorrect. How far out is the Captain now?

Helsmen: "We'll be on top of the shuttle in less than two minutes, sir"

Andrews: :: Relaxes into command chair. :: "Good".

Genno: "Then what? Disable the shuttle's engines?"

Hadden: :: Leaning on her station. :: What if we beam the Captain into the holodeck - trick him into thinking the simulation has finished?


Lieutenant Moria Hadden
Strategic Operations Officer
U.S.S. Albion NCC-3020


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