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dreaming of better order

Posted on Wed May 24th, 2023 @ 1:01am by Lieutenant Julius Mack

Mission: Naming Conventions
Location: ship's computer and advanced sensor array


=^="computer to captain janeway. text only message for you, encrypted channel, your eyes only"=^=

janeway:=^="computer. since when did the computer proactively contact ship's crew?"

computer:[text only, encrypted channel, auto erase enabled]: "this is not actually the computer but an automated message from mister mack. I have
created this program to be activated in the event that I am incapacitated and the internal enhanced sensors have detected compromised life signs from
my body. That was done because I had reason to be concerned for my own safety as command structure of the albion was collapsing. Further details
will be provided by my sensor array AI programs in cooperation with ship's computer."
"At this time, mister mack appears to be currently unconscious in the sick bay. Cause immediately unknown but subject to update as programs undertake
a medical diagnosis. The advanced sensors are also seeking further evidence of why I am in this current condition; it appears to have taken place in my
quarters and by someone else's hand(s), after which I was somehow moved to sick bay but not for purposes of being treated by anyone on duty.
Currently there appear to be two human lifesigns present in my quarters and a third deceased crew who does not belong in my
quarters either.
The program will erect a force field to incarcerate those individuals in mister mack's quarters and hold them until your bio-signs unlock the field
and choose to release them after identifying their reasons for being there.
I do recommend utmost caution, since you are likely also in some immediate danger but I cannot at this time describe the exact nature of the threat.
This program will remain active but only respond to your voice and bio-signature, since at the moment you are the only crew that appears trustworthy
with the above information. And it is further somewhat ironic that as chief science officer, I am at this moment also effectively the medical chief as well.
For which reason, the sensors will also undertake detailed medical scans of all personnel except yourself as you choose to permit."
Question: would you like me to erect a protective level six field around you while you attempt to identify the nature of the threat?"

janeway:=^=[via text]Yes, full-motion enabled and please activate another likewise for mister nabarati and inform him that he has control over it, and it is for his protection
with my silent authorization."

computer: =^=[text]working...activated.=^=

janeway:=^="janeway to captain sprague. what is your status?"=^=

sprague:=^="I am stuck in mister mack's quarters. Is this some kind of mutiny?"=^=

janeway:=^="would a mutineer call you 'captain'?"=^=::smiles to herself notwithstanding: "on my way". incidentally be advised that
your diplomatic assignment appears to have failed its mission. The Gamma Hydrans have apparently chosen to ally with the Klingons."=^=

sprague:=^="how do you know that?"=^=

janeway: =^="really the bigger question is why I had to inform you about it."=^=

janeway:=^="computer. locate mister grexx."=^=

computer:"mister grexx is in hallway 8 aft, near sick bay."

janeway:=^="janeway to grexx. why are you not at your engineering post?"=^=

grexx:=^="the captain ordered me to man sick bay."=^=

janeway:=^=" you may regard that order as belayed. please return to your engineering post and record the medical log as reflecting
that you were relieved of an assignment that I judged inappropriate for your training and existing responsibilities. janeway out."=^=

janeway:goes to mack's quarters, touches the door. it opens for her. Other crew in the hallway nearby, notice that it did not open for
anyone else trying to get access. janeway does not bother to explain, but goes in and the door closes behind her.
she sees Sprague and Key and a body on the floor, a crew member she does not know.:
"I'd be interested in an explanation about what I see here. Take all the time
you need. Until I have a satisfactory explanation, nobody is leaving this room.":
=^="Computer. please dispatch medical hologram to this room, with access to the unconscious humanoid. begin immediate
resuscitation and diagnosis."
Also dup my protection field around captain sprague and mister key, but reserve my control over it."=^=

computer::activates the medical hologram, which proceeds immediately to attempt to revive the crumpled form.:



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