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Long road ahead of me of the Ghastly Kiss

Posted on Sun Sep 3rd, 2023 @ 1:47am by Captain Emily Janeway

Mission: Albion, on Ice!
Location: {Spacedock, Medical}

{Spacedock, Medical}

Janeway: ::face turns green:: "Oh no." ::projectile pukes all over Dersch::

Dersch: ::covered in puke:: "Eww. Gross!"

Janeway: ::pukes all over him again:: "Sorry about that, I'm not feeling very well." ::pukes all over Dersch a third time::

Janeway weakened by all of this unknown illness that has come to contact with the poison gift that has come into her possession in her hotel room before her arrived unconscious with her face looking like she was about to reach death’s door steps.

Janeway:: trying to find the bottle of the poison that was left behind in her room that she had been discovered unconscious barely breathing and the severe chest pains were starting again with her heart rate running high as Monitors in the medical bay were still sounding the alarm for the emergency medical treatment teams to arrive to help her.

Janeway:: her heart rate was still going through the roof to begin with her bleeding inside her stomach and her heart::
JB:: eyewitness to the horrific events unfolding on his crewmen on the main surgical bio bed in intense agony and pain trying desperately to keep his friend company::
JB “ asking his friend for the information of is the name of the poison that was inside her personal luggage, of his friend’s hotel private room”? Trying to keep her awake while she is struggling to stay alive.
Janeway responding with a small words to her friend who has found her unconscious in time “ it’s a concoction known as the grim reaper’s bite it’s still wandering around in her body.
JB acknowledged that he has received some valuable information about is the potential fatal poisoning name for the incident to begin the investigation process Like any Sherlock Holmes case will do. He knew he was on something, and he had to put justice to it to solve the case.
Janeway:: begins to show the true signs of her own life is losing times :: She has flat-lined as her heart was beating like it was starting to lose its rhythm to pump blood into her body::


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