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Take The issues into My Own Hands

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2023 @ 8:03pm by Lieutenant JG J.B. Dersch

Mission: Albion, on Ice!
Location: U.S.S Albion-Operations Center
Timeline: Current

{Emily’s Hotel room}

Dersch:: resumes his investigation into solving the mystery cause of his best friend’s life-changing illness or devastating illness that has unfolded over the past last week since he was just the only person who was chosen to take upon himself the responsibility to protect his best friend that he had only met her for brief periods before her illness. He realizes that he has feelings for her because she’s the only beautiful woman ,That he has ever known in his entire life.

Dersch:: found Emily’s last written note that she was only able to get her own plea for someone to seek out the truth of the plot just why would they’d poison her even to ultimately take away her from him along with emergency alarm manual lever mechanism which was entirely engaged when she only was able to break it open to release the activation::


Dersch:: walking around Emily’s empty room to find an small half empty bottle of wine type of beverage that has a missing gift tag and trace of a good finger printed mark on both sides for the bottle opener two fingerprints of crime scenes and he has collected several footages data from the timeframe of incident:: :: starts to cry in despair of girlfriend’s life is now in danger:: he finds a dog in the hotel room :: kneeling down says “ well hello to you have to be my girlfriend’s dog ::looks at the dog’s name tags his name Augustus :: showing he’s helpful to solving the mystery:: Dersch”good boy let’s go looking for clues.” ::picking up the dog’s leash and the other items for Augustus::
Dersch:: had managed to obtain the assassin’s identity calling card from the receipt that was in his girlfriend’s possession with signed by The reaper


Meanwhile at {Star Base medical Center}

Janeway’s remains very weak and pale and extremely exhausted from the trauma of her illness that has forced her into the intensive care unit on the base given the severity circumstances of her condition as deterioration to her body that she would needing endure emergency surgery for her own heart transplant due to the complications associated with the toxicity and damage associated with consuming the unknown poison. Also medical staff have been informed Janeway’s commanding officers’ on her behalf that she will continue to stay in medical care until she’s cleared to return to duty. They also were able to identify potential fatal poisoning known Grime bite. The medical staff are also working on the cure for the illness that was discovered associated with the poisoning of Grim Bite. Also the recovery process for Emily Janeway ‘s current condition



[Chief Operations Officer Office | USS Albion NCC-3020 | Lt. JG J.B. Dersch]

Dersch::Looks through all Star Fleet Records for a Reaper::"Dang it, Nothing in the systems...What if...."

Dersch:: He stands and walks over to the Ships Computer Control Panel and Types in stolen command codes from the Captain, which he got when the captain was busying eating with Commander Key::"Almost got it...There..."

Dersch:: Reads the New Classified Info:: "So hes been attacking Star Fleet Officers...All throughout the Quadrent...That's the last time he/She dose this."::He grabs his things, and Gives LOA to the Captain and Gets a Shuttle to the Last known Base to have been used by the "Reaper" he had 6 Others with him, All Former Star Fleet Marines::

{Star Fleet Medical-Earth}

Janeway was moved to Earth at Star Fleet Medical since it had better Containment units for Patients


Lt. JG J.B. Dersch
Chief Operations Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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