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A Diversion?!

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2023 @ 8:56pm by Commander Donald ‘Don’ Key
Edited on on Tue Sep 12th, 2023 @ 9:12pm

Mission: Albion, on Ice!
Location: Starbase Hotel
Timeline: Present


{Starbase Hotel}

Key: ::On the floor, still tied up, bloodied:: “You’ll never get away with this, whoever you are.”

Shadowy Figure: “Oh, but I already have. See?” ::Points to window. They watch as a shuttle leaves and warps away:: “Dersch and a team of marines are heading away from the starbase!” ::Laughs::

Key: “Dammit Dersch, he’s right here!”

::The door chimes::

Shadowy Figure: “Huh? I’m not expecting anyone else. Are you?”

Key: “No. I’m not expecting anyone.”

Shadowy Figure: ::Moves slowly towards the door::

Sprague: ::Beams into the room silently. Taking up position behind the Shadowy Figure::

Key: ::Sees Sprague and smiles widely::

Sprague: ::Lifts up a baseball bat he’d brought along with him, and winks at Key::

Shadowy Figure: ::Opens door to see the hallway empty:: “There’s no-one there!” ::Turns around::

Sprague: ::Quickly swings the bat, connecting with the Shadowy Figure’s head, sending the hooded and cloaked assailant to the floor unconscious::

Key: “Way to go, Dick! Untie me!”

Sprague: ::Unties Key::

Key: ::Heads out into the corridor::

Sprague: “Where are you going?”

Key: “There’s a madman on the loose who enjoys torturing and killing members of Starfleet. I’m going to go and enjoy myself in the holodeck until all this blows over. Maybe grab some food and some drink somewhere.”

Sprague: “What about him?” ::Points towards the Shadowy Figure with the bat::

Key: “Leave him to Janeway or Dersch to tidy up.” ::Leaves to go to the holodeck::

Sprague: ::Shrugs:: “Wait up, Don!”


Commander Don Key
Flight Control Officer
USS Albion


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